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The CSS editor (which WAS amazing!), has now stopped me adding HTML to the CSS editor. I hate this change and I want it reversed! It has stopped my entire site from working properly and has added, roughly, 24 hours worth of work down the toilet!

I am not happy at all!

Why has this change been taken? If you are going to remove this feature, replace it with a feature where you can add HTML to the entire website!
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Posted 8 years ago

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Official Response
Hey Andi

I'm the guy that made the CSS editor and then added the fix to strip HTML from it. I'm super sorry about your site :(

Don't worry though, there is hope!

You can add HTML to your entire site through the 'Site Tracking Code' dialog that can be accessed in the 'Site Properties' dialog (Site > Site Properties).

It was designed to add tracking code to your site, but it is possible to put any HTML code you like in here. If you add code to the 'Header Code' section it will be added into the <head> tag of your site. Strictly speaking, it's not a great practice to add HTML here (it's not semantically correct) - however this is close to the same place that your CSS was adding itself - and if that worked for you, I think this should work too. Just be sure to test it on multiple browsers like you did before.

You can also add HTML to the foot of your entire site through the other 'Footer Code' area.

I think it's worth explaining why we decided to strip HTML from the CSS editor. We did it with the best of intentions.

We had multiple reports of users who didn't understand how the CSS editor was supposed to work and pasted part, or the entire HTML content of their site into it. This broke their site so they couldn't even open it in Yola - and to fix that we decided to only let CSS go into the CSS editor. We never really thought anyone would add HTML and it was our mistake to release it allowing that to happen in the first place.

We think of it more as fixing a bug than removing a feature - but acknowledge the validity of your work-around and we hope you continue to push our tool to its limits though the Site Tracking Code dialog.