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I week ago or so I got a request on my Code Request post. He basically wanted me to redo one of his pages. His videos page:

When I got started this page was just 7 videos stacked on each other and beside each other. He wanted it so he can click on a smaller video (image) and it will go to the big one so you can play it. That's what I did.

I was thinking of offering people to redo their pages for them.

If you need a page redone a certain way with certain features but you just don't know how to add it. Just ask me and I will install it for you.

Why people might not want this? "Some people might think I will try to steel their password. But as the Yola forum should know, I wouldn't do such a thing. I'm just here to help you guys out. Not to hurt your site. Any information given will not be given out to anyone. No one else will have access to your Yola besides me. And when i'm done, I will erase the email with the password in it"

Will this be free? "Totally free. 100%"

Why are you doing this for free? "I'm a teenage boy with nothing to do. You guys are giving me coding practice for college. Every new project I do, I learn something new".

After i'm done remaking it I will be able to go back in and edit it whenever you want. I offer this because I DON'T like used any other widgets but the HTML widget.

For example, on the video page from about. It used to have some text widgets and all youtube video widgets. This was all replaced with one HTML widget.

That's just how I roll :)

Go ahead and email me at: with more information about the site/page you want me to remake for you :)

Have a nice day.
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Posted 8 years ago

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I need some help with my website. I am unable to upload pictures and do a bit of formatting like reducing the size of the widget box and things like that.

Can you help? If yes please email me on