Don't do it...don't make the mistake I did

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I wanted to alert those of you who haven't yet discovered this gem of information - before you make the mistake I did. It's is something that I didn't understand when I first started making my Yola site - but BOY do I understand it now: Don't use text directly from Microsoft word, or any text generator other than something like Microsoft Notepad, in fact, other than Notepad don't use text from any other source than Yola itself.

Why? Glad you asked: Your webpage will "break". Yes, that's right, you'll be happily working away and then it will - as we say in New Zealand - "throw a wobbly". Take it from someone who found out the hard way - don't do it!

Love you guys!
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Posted 9 years ago

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Excellent advice, Terry!

The reason why pasting from MS Word is a bad idea is that when you format your text in Word, this is done using Microsoft's own proprietary HTML which is not compatible with websites.

Microsoft Word and similar software is designed to create documents, not webpages. Microsoft Notepad strips out all the unwanted code, leaving you with plain text only, which is safe to paste on your site.

For more information on this problem and what to do about it:

Thanks for taking the time to share your first hand experience. I hope it will save other users from similar frustrations.
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Terry, hello from another down in NZ. Saw this from Yola staff when I first began with Yola, not so long ago.
Take your word doc and transfer to here, also does tables and bits.....

Hope of use. As does save time, although have not used at all as do not like Word and therefore do directly into Yola. Hope this helps. Although, it still does not stop some of the 'wobblies!
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Hi JenC, yes the html101 would be of use - but I have found I prefer notepad, because then I can save my work. I originally used word because it checked my spelling, as my website is predominantly for a US audience. The system I'm happy with now is; create in word, copy and paste to notepad, enter in Yola.
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One of the best html software editors is HTMLPad Pro, It's free to try for 30 days. There may even be older free versions out there too.

The best part is you can load your Yola page (from Preview/Page Source) into the editor, make changes and preview it right in the software. I've used it 5+ years and it's been a lifesaver.
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I cannot get the html101 page to load...
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Hello Stacy, I have received your emails in support and have responded to you. Please let me know if you have not received my reply.
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try saving your word as webpage, filtered and then opening it up in a browser and copy from there. Following those steps remove the office specific tags and just about always paste's good code.
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That works to a point, Donald. One problem is that, along with removing Office tags it removes some other html (H tags, color, bolding, underline, etc.), that you may want included on your page.

Just thought it was worth mentioning to any who haven't used your method.