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Please Make a Downloadable Version of Yola Web Builder, this will made more easy to us for make a site faster, i dont have a good net speed so atleast its make trouble for me and have a BAD CONDTION of internet, so YOLA is thinking for this option ?

Suggestion : Please make "HEADER TEXT" editable that we can change the Background color and font color and also change the FONT.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Aaron,

Welcome to Yola, I hope you make this your new home. I started out with Yola (then Synthasite) about a year ago. Knowing nothing about site building, I started out with the basics of dragging in text and image widgets.

Soon I started dabbling in a bit of HTML and Javascript, and now this is all I work with. There's quite a bit that can be achieved with this site builder. I don't know the size or extent of your other sites, but I think you should be able to drag most of your HTML content across into Yola's site builder. Who knows, if your previous sites are old, maybe it's time for a makeover ;)

Here's an example of one of my sites. If I remember correctly, you won't find one text or image widget on it. Everything is done with HTML, Javascript, CSS and a few iframes which btw are hosted on another Yola site.
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@Boomer: Thanks for the great information!

@Aaron: I can see how someone with coding experience would like to have a blank template to start fresh. There are a few options if you would like a "blank" style. The following styles are plain white with background color options:

1. CleanSlate
2. BareNecessities
3. NoFrills
4. SqueakyClean
5. RedPlanet (to make the style blank, create a plain white banner and upload it. You will then have what looks like a plain white page).

These styles can be found in the first 10 of the style selection (click on 'Change Style' to see the style selection).

As boomer said, you can bring HTML and javascript into the Site Builder using the HTML widget. I hope this information is helpful, please let us know if you have any further questions.

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I don1t actually understand alot of this , I`ve been away from computers along time . I appreciate all your answers , but it doesn`t mean I understand any of it LOL LOL LOL .
Thanx for the info I`ll keep trying to learn ....
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This is an interesting idea -- probably useful for a future release a version or two away :). GoodBarry (a peripheral competitor to Yola that plays more in the eCommerce/CRM space for small business websites) has a downloadable Dreamweaver extension called Triangle, which allows you to build your site locally.

I've played with it, but the problem of having something like this with Yola is that its too complex for most of the intended audience -- though it would be a boon for "advanced users", surely :)
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Thanks for the feedback herringtown!
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Yes, absoluely!! Needs to happen!!!
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I agree. I was noticing that (7 months ago) Alex mentioned it would be difficult to make and take a long time... a comment?...

Isn't it possible to put an already existing program (YOLA) into a compression, then allow it to be downloaded, unzipped, installed, and used!? or am I mistaken? If Yola is considered a website and NOT a program then maybe this would be the difficulty but I think it would be very profitable to Yola to make it usable without internet connection (only publishing requires a connection). Generally, sitebuilding software which can be put onto a person's computer is never given freely unless it's wiki software but then server's are required. I was in best buy two months ago and I seen sitebuilding software ranging from $19.95 to $800.00. If I had or come across the finances to pay for Yola to be placed on my computer and can use it without the browsers I would pay for it when the money becomes available. I can't tell you how many times I lost work because my browsers stopped responding or something. Probably over 100 hours lost work because of stuff like that. Plus lost time from slow internet (which happens occassionally). ALSO - when yola is updating and we can't use the sitebuilder... we would be able to with a copy on our computer. Also, yola should make the two synchronizable, so whenever you save your site on your downloadable version (if connected and logged into yola) it'll also save our online version so we may use it at either "desktop location" or "" and the same changes are applied to both.
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Although this is something we could consider, it is unlikely to happen in the short to medium term. Right now we are focusing on the development of our web-based site builder, both in terms of feature development and performance.

Personally I would first like to see an autosave feature that prevents you from losing your work, and a site builder that is optimized for slower connections.

Turning Yola into a desktop application does not make a whole lot of sense for where we are in our development cycle but once we have achieved more of our immediate roadmap this is something we could look into.
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Just yet another suggestion, what about one that we pay for? Like not included in the premium bleh money costing package thing, but like maybe sell the program itself, I'd definently pay ten bucks for an offline site builder.

(edit: an offline YOLA site builder directly tied to being able to hit "publish" once ready)
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Thanks for your input Chris - Monique's points still apply in this case (even though it's a year on). A downloadable Yola Sitebuilder is unlikely to be available in the near future.
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I dont know who possible this would be,but could you offer people to write this software external to yola, who make it for free, then earn revenue for each sale of the software? Or people who will make it for free? It would make it slow to get developed and I'm not sure how possible it would be, but it's just a thought.
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Thanks for your input Chris - Monique's points still apply in this case (even though it's a year on). A downloadable Yola Sitebuilder is unlikely to be available in the near future. -Sinn watches uk sale