Flickr Sldr (Slideshow) , and Flickr in GENERAL Problem....

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I want to create a picture gallery in my site.
As is is a paintings gallery, Initially all i wanted was a nice row of thumbnails, which would grow larger as clicked on.

Of course i wanted to have my paintings separated by subject in diffrent widget boxes, but i soon realised this is imposible to do in flickr.

So I guessed what suits my case is flickr lightbox.

First i tried the flickr lightbox widget. At that point i had only few pictured uploaded on flickr, and appart from the fact that the pictured appeard randomly it all worked fine.

The next day i uploaded some more pictures in flickr, and i thought, lets make a new widget, use the tag i had in flickrs as a keyword, and thus have my new pictures uploaded as well.

Well the search ended up in Zero pictures, so i had to go back to my previous (and functional) widget flickr box and do a new all over search.

Well.....only the pictures with the latest upload date appeared....the previous ones nope. And i hadnt used any keywords.

SO i said to myself lets move to flickr search widget, and try out my luck over there. Cool....over there my pictures appear BUT it has a limit of 30 pictures (!!!!)

The photobucket has an option for a flash presentation of a specific folder and thats cool....but i didnt want a flash presentation of photobucket as you dont get to see a strip of all pics at the bottom and move on. (It actually has a great photo editor as well !!! )

Picasa is still a flash presentation....and not a pic gallery.

Then i read in the tutorials that i can get to use and choose which set of my flicrs pictures i can use.

I did it and it all was fine in the Flickrdslidr page. The preview of the slideshow presentation looked great.

Then i pasted the htmal code in an html widget on my yola site buider and all i get to see in the place whre the slideshow is supposed to appear in my site "Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR."

Just that

Just a text sentence

I did thewhole thing from the beggining two more times, and still i got no results Here you can check out what i am talking about

Right above the flickr search pictures that exist on the page, i had put the html widget where the slideshow was supposed to appear and all you ll get to see is "Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR"

Anyone any ideas?
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Posted 10 years ago

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Hi asgatha,

Sorry to hear about the troubles you had getting the Flickr widgets set up on your site. I had a couple of theories about what might be going wrong for you, but when I took a look at your site I saw four rows of lovely paintings, so I just wanted to check in with you first and ask you to confirm if the screenshot posted below is what you are expecting to see on your site.

Thanks for your patience as we look into the problem.
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It looks like you may have met the evil space eater gremlin. I have problems with this all the time in the html editor. It looks like there is a space removed from your code for the slideshow. There should be a space between the first occurrence of the word iframe and the word align. Put a space in there and see if that helps. Of course, I can't guarantee this is the problem but it often is for me.
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Wow, Diane thank you so much

It is indeed the space eater gremlin.... I could have never guessed it on my own.

And i thought i just kept doing something wrong.

Now about that flickr slide program...

Yesterday it worked just fine , and it would add to the slide show , all the pictures i have in one set.

Today it decided to have a mind of its own...

So in the slideshows appear form 1 to maximum 3 pictures of each set every time. in the meantime i get to see lots of black screen....

Now i amm posting a link
here are the two slideshows, which do not show that much after all


and here

are the two sets of pictures i ve uploaded to flickr, one with abstract paintings and another one with the iconography from a chappel.

As you can see there is no comparison among the slideshows and the flickr sets....

Anyone else thinking flickr kind of sucks????

Any ideas, wellcome
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Hi Asgartha,

From your last post, I'm not sure I understand exactly what Flickr is doing incorrectly, but Emmy and I are both taking a look at this and will feedback as soon as we have some helpful feedback!
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I'm seeing 12 pics in the first slideshow and 8 in the second one. This appears to be the same as what's on flickr? Maybe you just need to clear your browser's cache.