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how can i force links to open in a new tab or window (tab would be best). thanks
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Posted 10 years ago

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Hi Lee,

There is definitely a way to have a link open in a new window, but it means that you need to do a little HTML editing. Here are the steps:

1. Add text using the text widget.
2. Select the text that you want the link and then click "insert link" on the text editing toolbar.
3. Create your link to your chosen URL as normal, click "OK".
4. Then click "HTML" - the last icon on the text editing toolbar.
5. You will see the code that looks like this for your link (I have used the text "Visit Wikipedia to see more information", with the link being on Wikipedia:
Visit <a href="">Wikipedia</a> to see more information<br>
All you need to do is add in target="blank" as show below:
Visit <a href="" target="blank">Wikipedia</a> to see more information<br>

Your link will then open in a new tab or window, depending on what browser your visitor is using.

Please note: current thinking in web usability circles is that links that open in a new window are a bad idea for a number of reasons. See: Beware of Opening Links in a New Window -, for a great article by a leading expert in the field.
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This works fine thanks. I agree opening in a new window is bad, i personally don't like it, but a new tab is better than in the same tab.
Is there anyway to do it when you add the link?
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I may be wrong, but my understanding is that the window/tab opening is determined by the browser that the viewer is using.

If someone else knows otherwise, please jump in...
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you are right about that Ruth, I also believe the settings can be changed by each user. However, default is a new tab for firefox and new window for internet explorer.
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I checked the suggested site for the article on why forcing a new window to open is a bad idea...and I have to agree - now I'm off to fix all my links that do just that!
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Thank you!!!
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yh but how can you add a link onto an image that opens in a new windows or tab with yola?
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Hi Emily,
Here is a link to a thread with more information on how to add a link to an image that will open in a new window: Add link to an image. I hope this is helpful!
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insert the link to the image... click the image (if in a text widget) and click the link editor button in the tool bar and click file then select your image and click ok... click the html and find the image url it should start with resources/ - then follow the same steps by adding target="blank" at the end of the link. I don't think this is possible through an image widget because you don't have access to the image's html through an image widget. Yola should add a checkbox in the properties tab of an image widget to open in new tab or window.

To insert an image in a text widget, click in the text widget and click the add image button in the tool bar atop your banner.
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I have links to other websites on my website and when they are clicked, they go to the other website leaving mine behind. How do I get the link to open in a new page?

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very simple process... open html of the text widget and look for each of the links... they should start with a href... and add target= blank at the end as follows

<a href="" target=blank>

Go on... click on the following link and you'll see.

You Can Never Be Too Smart

Normally, by default, links here on get satisfaction opens in the same window but I added the link exactly as above and by clicking on the link it will open in new window. That's my site!
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I want an external link to open in a "new window" when clicked, so someone doesn't navigate away from my site all together when they hit that link. Is there a way to do this?

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Hello Sue

Can you please try following the instructions given above? Please let us know if you still have trouble with this.