Four Great New SEO Tutorials Now Available from Yola!

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One of the major themes of this forum is how to optimize your site for search engines. We know you are interested in promoting your site, getting a higher PageRank and more traffic.

We have 4 great new tutorials available on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These tutorials will help you understand search engines, teach you how to plan and build your site with search engines in mind and how to keep on promoting your site after you publish it.

A big thank you to Emmy for writing these. Emmy is our resident SEO expert, and we are very grateful to her for putting all this information together in an accessible form.

If you want to build a popular, successful site, you can't afford to miss these!
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  • sure these will help!

Posted 11 years ago

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thanks monique, i will check tose out
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Thanks Emmy, Thanks Monique
This will come in very handy.
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Thank you for this great addition, and I agree, Emmy is a blessing to us here!

Thank you Emmy and Monique!

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Hi Monique.

I was just thinking, How come you don't enable us to download the files all at once? it would be great if you could instead of one by one, You could have a Download All button or link.

Also i am looking at the now i am liking what i see


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Someone else made a similar suggestion recently. We are getting to the point with our tutorials that we have enough to compile a Yola User's Manual. We will work on this and make it available as a single PDF download, while continuing to offer the individual lessons to download for people who don't want all of them. It will be our next project!
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A Yola e-book! Love it.
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Thanks Emmy and Monique
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On SEO Tutorial 3, #1... where it says "in text links"... does that mean... in your main body, providing a link to another page... the link is "In Text".? For example, if on my history (generalized) page I provide a link to "African History" within the main content... of course, that's if African History is already typed into the text.???
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Hi Donald,

Great question! What that means is using your keyword/s in a text link on your page. For this tactic to be more effective you will want the text that is the link text to include your keyword instead of something like "Click here".

What you are doing here is one of a couple things:

1. If your page is all about chocolate truffles, you want to try to include that in a text link. To help with navigation for visitors, and to get the keyword into a text link, on my sites I like to include a link from the page I am on, back to the home page or the parent page like this:

Chocolate Truffle Recipes back to Main Recipes Page.

Always remember that SEO needs to be just as much for your site visitor to increase their experience on your site. A link like that will help your visitor get somewhere easily as well as gets in a text link with a keyword.

2. The other way to use text links for SEO is by creating a link to a page. If you have a page on your site all about "chocolate truffles", by linking to that page from another page using a descriptive text link, you boost the keyword relevance of that page.

Here is an example:

If you want to learn more about the wonders of chocolate truffles, you have come to the right place!

Then that link will go to a page that is all about chocolate truffles.

I hope this helps... I am super happy to answer these questions, SEO is definitely one of my favorite parts of website creation.

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