FREE uptime monitoring with an email, sms or twitter message if your site experiences any downtime... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

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Uptime Robot provides users with a FREE, easy and efficient way to monitor the uptime of their websites. This online tool checks up on your websites (up to 50 of them) every five minutes to ensure there are no access problems.

Yola has got wonderful uptime and should be commended on their constant commitment to maintaining our sites and however glowing of a recommendation I can give them there is that off chance that our sites had been down without us knowing.

Along with pings every five minutes, Uptime Robot allows users to monitor as many as fifty websites at a time and receive instant SMS, RSS, Twitter and email alerts when a site is showing as offline.

By monitoring sites every five minutes and sending downtime alerts, Uptime Robot can alert site owners about downtime so they can firstly verify that their site is down and then remedy the problem by searching the forums to see if there has been any posted information and if not then notifying Yola to the downtime.

Uptime Robot is unique in the way it is specialized for website monitoring. Although manual pings can be performed, this can be very time consuming and requires the attention of a live human being. Uptime Robot takes the manual aspect out of pinging and does it automatically, every five minutes. Frequent pings means website owners will be alerted about a problem within five minutes or less. That is significantly better than the twenty, thirty, forty minutes or even hours that can pass before the problem is noticed.

Uptime Robot offers a very watered down site. The design is simple but professional. The important thing is the functionality of the site. The lack of fluff and fancy decoration compliments the site by keeping it clean and easy to navigate.

Uptime Robot offers the best membership rate. All users can create an account and begin monitoring websites for free. Even though the service pings every five minutes, no fees are required for the constant vigilance of Uptime Robot. The site may not come with a long list of features, but it certainly can get the job done and help website owners ensure their website is constantly up and running. As far as I know, there is no mention of Uptime Robot charging for its service or offering a premium membership.

Pretty awesome of a tool to add to your arsenal of website building resources. One that I am sure will become a very visited website on your computer... If you find yourself using their tool down the road consider using their donate button to buy them a coffee or drink... ;) This helps them keep it free in the end.

Note: Bear in mind that if you do constant re-publishing of your site by updating your content there is the off chance that Uptime Robot might ping your website while it is temporarily unavailable due to the changes being made to your site. This will be no doubt a false positive and should be dismissed. (Remember that I told you that because if it comes up I don't want you to post in the forums asking why your site was down)

Happy site building

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