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Hi SynthaSite,

I've been playing around with the new version and I have some feedback:

- Toolbar hiding: I think it would be great if we could hide the toolbar that appears above pages with the "Change Style" button in it. What would really impress me would be if you had the option to move (drag would be nice) the toolbars to the side of the screen instead of the top. I think widescreen users in particular may appreciate that feature as they can spare more horizontal space.

- Choose Style dialog: I think the addition of the new method of choosing styles is heading in the right direction, but I think there are some things that can be done to improve its usability:
--> With the various combinations of style types now available, what do you think of categorising / grouping the styles in a similar way? It would be nice if you could have a quick way of seeing the customisation level available for a theme without having to click it and have its properties load up. What about a mouse-over tooltip which could say: "Editable banner: Yes\nEditable colour palette: No"...?
--> Another thing that I think would be useful is having a vertical scrolling pane on the left hand side instead of the "Next / Previous" buttons which are now available for browsing through the styles list. This will quickly let you shoot from the top to the bottom of the list and might make it easier to compare styles on the fly.

- Banner editing:
--> I think it would be great if you could change the colour of the text overlay on the banner. Sometimes you really want a certain strong colour in the banner but the text colour set in the theme might get in the way / conflict or just be plain difficult to see. Of course you can just have the text in your banner image but it's far more convenient to have it dynamically on the site. Would be nice if it was movable too ;-)
--> If you set a custom banner on a theme that also has different colour palette choices and you then go and change the colour palette it removes your custom banner and replaces it with that palette's banner image. I think most people would agree that if you set a custom banner image it should be kept across colour palettes.
--> One other tiny thing about banner editing: I can't help feeling like the "Click here to change this banner" text is a bit intrusive. What about maybe a little stripe down one side of the banner image with the text being something like "Click to edit banner", set at something like 75% opacity (if practical)? It would be much slicker :-)

That's all for now :-)

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Posted 12 years ago

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Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the detailed feedback! We're putting a lot of effort into our interface over the next couple of months so your timing is perfect.

Keep the feedback coming!