General feedback re: Banner Editing and Site Downloads.

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Hi Yola Team,

I have some general feedback with some light suggestions for extra polish on an already shiny product.

Banner editing:

- I like the Change / Edit Banner and dimension display over the banner but I can't help feeling like they might look slicker if they were instead displayed in a hover-activated overlay so that they're not constantly over the image, as they may be a little in the way on some banners. I think it'd also be really cool if they had some transparency, to maybe about 75% opacity.

- I presume you've called the banner resizing tool the Mask Editor because it will take on further functions at a later stage, but maybe at this stage it could be titled the Banner Editor for clarity?

- I also have a suggestion for a possible change around editing banners with Picnik vs. the Mask Editor. It seems that the banner image can be edited with Picnik, but this can only be accessed via the File Manager (I may be wrong here, I had a look around but couldn't see another way). My suggestion is to either:
a) Rename the Edit Banner button to Resize Banner, and add a third button called Edit Banner which edits the banner with Picnik, or:
b) Leave the buttons as they are and just have a link to the Picnik editor within the Mask Editor.

- I actually can't get the Mask Editor to work properly. When I edit the banner and click OK in the Mask Editor it doesn't seem to load the new image automatically. I either have to go back into the Mask Editor and click OK again, or browse to another page and back again. This is on Windows with Firefox 3.0.11.

- Regarding the Mask Editor's generated images: I noticed that every time I edited the banner a new image was created which shows up in the File Manager. I can see this possibly becoming a problem with lots of tweaking to find just the right size and placement. I'd like to suggest possibly creating just one extra image and giving it a suffix, e.g. originalname_edited.jpg and renaming the original to something like originalname_orig.jpg. To handle this for multiple pages you could extend the suffix to include the page name, e.g. originalname_index_edited.jpg.

Text Widget:

- In the font-family and font-size drop-downs I think it would be handy to pre-tick the default font and size. This might make the first edit easier as you'll know where you're starting from ("I want to make the font a little bigger..." etc.).

Publish My Site -> Download Site:

- I think a nice addition to the download feature would be to rename the .zip file to something more appropriate like or

- The README.txt bundled in the download should probably use DOS/Windows style line separators (\r\n) as opposed to Unix-style which it seems to be using now (\n). The only reason I say this is because most Windows users will probably double-click to open the file and will open it in Notepad by default, which doesn't seem to understand plain \n line separations. This means you end up with one long word-wrapped line which destroys the beautiful ASCII banner and doesn't look very nice. This shouldn't affect most other editors as anything above Notepad seems to take different line separator types into account.

That's all for now :-)

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Posted 10 years ago

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Those are great suggestions Wayne!

I have one more that I'd like to add.

I've noticed that when I use the edit banner, if you have a border around your banner, part of the border does not show up in the final results even if it's true to the banner size template. But, if I resize my banner to the banner size indicated in an image editing program and then reload it back into the file manager, and select it as my banner, the border shows up.

Even if the banner doesn't have a border, one shows up around the banner. Some people may not mind this as I'm one of them but what I do mind is that the border that does show up is not consistent all around. The top and left side is thicker than the bottom and right side. However, if a banner doesn't have a border, then one shouldn't be added.

Also, instead of the dragging feature to resize the banner, I'd prefer where you can input the numbers. I have found many times when I try to resize, it's difficult to make the resized one to stay where you want it.