gets stuck on "opening page" - can not get onto my blog page to edit - page broken - no Yola backup capability

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In website editor I can't access my blog page - keep getting "opening page". I tried everything like using different browsers and different computers but no joy.

Yola's response was "Unfortunately, I could not get into the blog page. You will have to delete it and try again. I suspect there is a problem with the Facebook Comments code. Please be sure to add any code to a test page first. Sorry not to have better news."

Well the facebook comments code has worked just fine for months and i didn't touch it. All I did was copy and paste from Word which seems to have broken it. So I replied "Do you not have server backups where you could restore an older version of the page? I don't want to lose the blog or the comments."

They said "We certainly do multiple back ups of all our site data and we are in a position to restore all our customers sites simultaneously and quickly in the event of something unforeseen going wrong; but unfortunately we do not have a way to backup individual sites at this time."

So then Yola, can I just check what you're saying:

Customers can not back up their sites? Yola can not back up a customer's sites?

This sounds like utter insanity! Especially when something as simple as copy pasting from a word document can break a page - which is all I did.
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Posted 8 years ago

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I'm so sorry to hear of your trouble using the Yola blogging feature.
Although you may think it is harmless, copying and pasting from Word can have some very strange effects on your website. This doesn't just apply to Yola it applies to every website, Word documents add formatting to the text which is incompatible with website coding.

To avoid this in future copy and paste the test into a Notepad document first as this will clear all the formatting added by Word.

As for back ups you can only take Yolas word for it, but I can assure you if they could help an individual they would.

Sorry there is no better news for you.

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Thanks for your comment John. I understand the Word issues due to formatting but in 8 years of building and editing websites I have never known this to break a page. That said, I accept that distasters will always happen, but it seems irresponsible for Yola to provide a service lacking basic backup or restore features.
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Hi coconuttyltd,

We definitely understand your frustration. I checked on your email case status and I see that it is currently with our HTML team who will try to remove the code that broke your page restoring your access to your blog. Please be patient while they review your case and they will follow up with you there.
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Hello Matthew,

Jen has asked the HTML Team if we could be of assistance to you. I have tried all the tricks I had up my sleeve to fix the page. Unfortunately, I was unable to salvage your page. You will need to rebuild your page by adding a new blog page. You can copy the text from the old page on the published site and be sure to paste into Notepad first to remove the inherent coding. Then, you can safely copy from Notepad to your blog post.

I am very sorry that I don't have better news for you.

If you need any further assistance, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Senior Community Support Specialist
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Ok, so now I'm left with a broken, dead blog page that can't be repaired or restored.

"Always back up" was the number one rule I was taught.

So how does Yola get away with such irresponsibility?

- No way for a user to backup or restore their site that they may have spent hundreds of hours on

- No site backup or restore offered by Yola

Why can't they offer a basic simple weekly backup where they could restore a site to how it was last week for example?

It wouldn't be so bad if Yola sites were stable but given that they can be broken beyond repair by pasting from Word, surely there needs to be a way to restore a previous version, no?