getting an catalogue on your site?

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How do I create a catalogue on my website? I'm not looking at creating an online store just a catalogue where people can browse various products. can anyone help me?
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Posted 10 years ago

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Hello Capespearfishing2,

We have a tutorial that explains how to create an online store and a catalogue of products using the Online Store feature on Yola. Here is the link: Creating An Online Store .

I hope this helps.
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Thanks Jeremy but I think you might have missed me. I'm not looking at having an online store just a catalogue, will the paypal system allow me to se the catalogue without displaying a price? I just want to have a online catalogue where people can have a look at the various products and not purchase them.
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Hi there Capespearfishing,
I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

Unfortunately we don't have a specific Catalogue widget.

I would suggest adding your items in a normal text widget to which you can add images and text, or you can use a table.

You can now easily create a table using the table button in the HTML Helper .

Here are the steps to create your own table:

1) Go to HTML Helper . Click on the "Insert/Edit Table"button on the toolbar. (first button on third row of toolbar).
2) A popup window called "Table Properties" will appear. Customize your table to your specifications.

* Rows: in this field you specify how many rows do you want to have in your table .
* Columns: in this field you specify how many columns do you want your table to have.
* Headers: select if you would like a header for your table.
* Border size: sets the thickness of the tables border.
* Alignment: specifies the alignment of your table. You can set it to left, center or right.
* Width: sets the width of you table in pixels or percentage. E.g. if you choose 40 percent the table will take 40% of the editing area width.
* Cell spacing: specifies how thick will the cells border be.
* Cell padding: sets the height of the cell.
* Caption: specifies the title of your table. The title will appear in the top of the table.
* Summary: sets a comment on the table. The comment will not appear in the table. It is only for usage.

**Please Note** - Not all of the options are required to build a table. You have to fill only Rows and Columns. Rest of the fields are optional and you may use them depending on your needs.

3) Click on "OK" once done.
4) Now you can enter content into your table. When entering text into your tables fields, you will notice that the cell will "move" while entering text. To prevent this, you need to set the "width" (length) of your cell to be static and to text wrap.

Here's how to set this: Right click in the cell. Go cell --> cell properties

Now set the width of your cell. Remember the width for each cell needs to be less than the width of your whole table, so as to accommodate the other cells.

5) You can use the formatting options available on the 5th and 6th rows of the toolbar to format your content.
6) Once you are happy with your table and you now want to add it your page, click on "View/Edit HTML". This will display the HTML code of your table. Copy this code and paste it into an HTML Widget on your page. Please remember to copy all the HTML code.
7) If you would like to make changes to your table, simply copy the HTML code you pasted in the HTML Widget. In the HTML Helper, click on "View/Edit HTML". Paste the code, then click on "View/Edit HTML" again. Your HTML code will be displayed as a table again and you can make your necessary changes.

I hope this helps.
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I think that you are finding a in site catalogue of your products.
Unfortunately there are no way to do it through yola.
Having a categorized download partal , music store , product catalog ,..Etc requires a script to install.
In web developing field , there are some commercial scripts to be found in the net.

Having such catelog needs following.
Web host.
A script.
A well qualified webmaster to install and admin the site.

I am not a businessmen. But, if you'd like me to help , I can spend some time on behalf of you to help in this case. If you provide me a host and domain , I can do the rest for you.

I personally maintain these such scripts and websites.

i don't need money, just purchase yourself and let me make for you.

Ayeshlakmal @ gmail . Com
(remove spaces in the email address)

yola admins , this isn't a business, just to help him. So please let me with forum.
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Would a gallery help? Isn't an image gallery a lot like a catalogue - but without prices??
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@Keara: Great idea!
@capespearfishing2: You can find more information about adding a photo gallery to your site here: Adding photo galleries. Hope that will help!