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I have set up google apps but fail to verify it. cannot upload the html file correctly as requested...always turns out with - the resources though should not be in....and cannot figure out 2nd option via CNAME record either...I searched on YOLA where to change settings but could not find my domain there...I bought domain via godaddy but redirected for hosting to Yola. Should it then not be there?

and last question: I did buy next to my domain also and did already change settings in godaddy to Yola but don't know how to redirect orthopaedegraz now to so that both display same content?

Thanks so much for your help!!!
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Sylvia Gruber

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Posted 10 years ago

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Sylvia Gruber

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I currently uploaded the file on as you will bottom of page....THANKS!
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Hello Sylvia,

To have an email associated with your domain, you need domain management. If you buy your domain from Yola, we can assist you with email set up for your domain. If your domain is managed elsewhere, your domain registrar needs to provide you with this. So you will need to go through GoDaddy for email setup.

If you decide to buy a domain from us, we can manage it for you, we would gladly assist you with this request. However, if you want to keep your domain with your current registrar, please contact them for support and they should be able to help you out.

Another option would be to transfer your domain to Yola, we would then be able to assist you with email setup using a service such as Google Apps or Windows Live. If you would like to transfer your domain to Yola, please see our tutorial for more information: Transferring your domain to Yola.

Assigning multiple domains to a single site is something that is generally available in the Domain Manager, however we are currently working on an aspect of this, so it is not available. If you would like to have these two domains published to the same site, can you please make sure they are both configured to point towards our ip address, and then email and we can take care of assigning each to the site.

If you have further questions please let me know.

Kind Regards,
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When did this become available?
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Hi Diane,

The ability to transfer a domain to Yola became available about 2 months ago.
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Sylvia Gruber

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Hi Emmy....thanks for reply. But I still don't understand how uploading the html file on my site would then be possible?
also, I pointed the IP towards YOLA - thought that means my site is now hosted on Yola? if I could have I would have purchased my domain on Yola but needed a .at domain (Austria specific domain). I cannot transfer my domain yet as it says need to be registered for at least 60 days
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Hello Syliva,
Are you possible speaking of verifying your site with Google Webmaster; I am thinking that is what you are trying to do since you mentioned uploading a .HTML file. If that is what you are wanting to do, you need to use the meta tag option, here is a link to a tutorial which will step you through this process: Google Webmaster Tutorial.

Unfortunately at this time we do not accept transfers of .at domains. Sorry I don't have better news for you on that.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

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Hi Sylvia,

to setup Google apps ( or Windows Live Admin Centre with your domain to exchange emails , you need to change both Cname records and MX records of your domain.

I am not familliar with Godaddy since I do not own a domain , but here is how.
1.Log in to godaddy.
2. Go to my products / my domains
3. Go to edit zones/configure domains /edit records (or something like this) next to your domain that you need to edit.
4. Then , open Google apps (or Live Ad. centre) Here
5. Sign up for a plan (standard/premium)
6. Then , enter domain name and name , etc. (if you already done , skip 4,5 and 6)
7. Get their CNAME SUBDOMAIN to clipboard, (select and Ctrl+C) which is like "googleffffffffadmgdamjaptad"
8. Switch to godaddy control panel and CREATE A NEW cname record/zone. (this is different from registrar to registrar, sometimes , it is to create a record > choose CNAME from list)

paste your copied phase from Google apps under field : HOST ( there are 3 fields for a cname record - host , ip/path/destination and TTL)

enter "" as ip/path (most people gets this from google apps. By default , it is , some people get Read the rest of Google apps - where you copied the HOST)

leave TTL blank if possible , else it is 3600 or 1 hour.


Wait 10 mins and verify in Google.

If any errors found , check you copied the host and ip correctly from Google apps and retry after 2 hours , approx.

-windows live admin centre can be verified by just a MX record , but less features-

the next phase is MX records.

After verifing , google apps will ask you to CHANGE or ADD MX records to Google.

Use the method used above to create records, remember :
create MX record, not just cname.
Host is something like "alt1.Aspmx.Google.Com"
TTL value - 1800 is better than 3600
priority - 10 is high and 30 is low. So set priority 10 , 20 , 30 order. If your registrar offer a field to select priority , choose priority for each host as google say.
If there are no any field to select priority , forget it and just enter host.
If registrar says errors found , try following format.

create atleast 3 mx records.
Save and continue with Google apps.

Good Luck.