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I wish someone would have told me about this option BEFORE I tried 5 other suggestions in the help topics and on the forum. It is truly great, and the free version is superb.

Its called POWr  Slider and it works within Yola ....VERY easy !

Im developing a 9 page website loaded with images and sliders of my property in the NC Mountains. Today is April 3, 2015, and I wont have it done for a couple of weeks.

When it goes live, it will be

Oops, this site is live right now....but its on another host and the design is AWFUL, so dont go to the website until after April 17, 2015.

Go there, and you will be able to see what you can do with this slider.

Please feel free to post your comments or suggestions here.

~ Veronica
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Veronica - do you like PowrSlider better than  Getting ready to re-do the slideshow on my site...
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Oh...sorry to say...but slideful is really terrible. POWr slider is really easy to set up and the image rendition and layout options are far above the scope of slideful.

When you try it, just load 3 or 4 images at first, and make sure you pick your background color options first in the Quick Setup because those settings you cannot change after you load images. You can change everything else, just not the options under Quick Setup.

What is really cool is you can see your changes LIVE on your page ! So, you can set the colors of  the border and frame to match your background ! You can also play with the sizing options and see it LIVE on your page !

Just play around with it for 15-20 minutes and you will be a pro at it !

I also just stumbled upon another link on their site for all of their plugins.
Looks like they have an image gallery plugin !!! Yippie ! Cant wait to try it !
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Thanks so much for sharing!
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Here is an update on Powr Slider : Yes, it is one of the greatest I have seen, but the free version will only allow up to 10 photos. You can create multiple versions by changing the label name, but no more than 10 photos per free version.

If you are just creating one slider with unlimited photos, it is $ 2.99 a month or $ 2.69 annually.
However, if you need to create many sliders, you can have up to 10 versions with unlimited photos for $ 10 a month. A tad bit pricey......still looking for other options !
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Ok ! I just got this site up today. Its a work in progress but this is just 3 or 4 days of work on a 9 page site with about 200 photos.

Ive decided to use comslider although I like POWr slider MUCH better. POWr slider is easier to work with, but more expensive. I have found that only these 2 sliders render exceptional definition.

If you want to have multiple slide shows with different pics and more than 5 images per slide show - comslider is the way to go for $ 19 a year.

POWr slider will give you up to 10 photos free per slide show, and you can have (I think) up to 5 different slideshows.

If you need more than 10 pics per slideshow, POWR slider is $ 27.00 a year for ONE plugin ( or one slideshow with over 10 pics). If you want multiple plugins, its $ 10 a month.

The home page shows a comslider with many images. Scroll down the page to see the slider.

Comslider will not (as far as I can tell) let you wrap the slider in a box or frame however, I accomplished this using the custom panel widget.

This page  has a POWr slider with about 30 pics. The frame around the slider is custom built in POWr slider; not a custom panel widget.

This page has a comslider with about 40 pics :
( Some of my photos in this slider are old, so dont critique the image quality here! )

If anyone has any questions about using POWR slider or comslider, and both have great support, feel free to post here in this thread or email me from my website.

This is my property for sale in Banner Elk NC. Anyone interested, please contact me !
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Thanks for all of the additional info!
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Hello Veronica

It would be interesting to know if the PowR slideshows are responsive on our responsive Styles. Have you tested that yet as well?
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Yes they are. I actually tested the POWr slideshows and Comslider slideshows on Serendiptiy and Haystack and found the sliders were responsive but ONLY if they were their own single html component - set to match page alignment - and not put on top of a custom panel. Putting the html in a custom panel will prevent it from being responsive.

I have also discovered that the sliders look best without any framing whatsoever.

To accomplish this, the boxes for stretch to fit and shrink to fit must be unchecked in both comslider and POWr sliders. This means, and it should be done like  this anyway, that your images all be the same size before uploading. (I believe there are some other settings in POWr slider for padding/borders that also need to be set to 0.) 

Of course, this is the key ingredient in the responsiveness of the slider : starting with all images the same size (especially the width) which keeps everything lined up the so there are no jerky motions and sizing issues on page.

For the money, the comslider is the way to go. A little harder to work with, but cant be beaten for the price.

Im working on 2 other comsliders at the moment...but I need to take more pictures for them and the weather is not co-operating :(

Im also working on an image rotator on Cinocopa : A rotator slider, with thumbnail images that slide across the page. Im having issues with it right off the bat - their functionality - and we cant trouble shoot until I get a live page up for them to see. We shall see ;)

Thanks Stefan !
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Veronica, thank you for you info.
Yes, also for me the seems to be the best solution...
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Try banner snack for rotating banners, images etc.. Easy to use and free and works perfectly with yola websites.