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Create complete, drag&drop modules for commonly needed and useful functionalities instead of providing code snippets at yolacodes.yolasite.com; sell those non-core modules by charging tiny fees.

Yola seems to be the perfect platform for quick and easy creation of a small web site by a non-technical person. What is spoiling the otherwise great product is the lack of ready-made modules for things like vertical lines, expandable blocks of text, etc.

The yolacodes.yolasite.com seems to do the trick as a fix. The problem is that is exactly a fix and not a solution. I need Yola because I can build web pages without any need to know code. I want ready-made, shiny, drag&drop modules and not code. As soon as you make me get into code, no matte rhow simple, you are making Yola meaningless.

I am not to say that yolacodes.yolasite.com should be closed down - far from it - there would alway be the need to have code snippets for somple complicated, narrow-use functionalities. But for widespread or useful modules we should just have them ready to drag&drop. And here comes the gist of the problem - can Yola introduce new modules as fast as users want them?

It does take project management, research, programming work, testing, etc. It costs time, money and know-how nad Yola might either not have enough of those or might not be willing to invest them in this.

I see three solutions:
a) make it possible for users to create add-ons just like Firefox or Wordpress;

b) develop modules in-house and cover the investment by charging symbolic sums for them in the free plan and offer them by default in all paid plans;

d) develop modules per request for a certain fee (e.g. https://getsatisfaction.com/wakoopa/t....

I consider this crucial for making Yola what it should be and for building a sustainable business model.

- money generated by selling modules;
- increased functionality of the platform, making it more popular and attracting more customers;

- this could be tested on a small scale with the development of 5-10 most requested modules.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Yola is targeted towards small companies wanting a web presence and or small e commerce niche sites. The code site is not Yola....It is a site made a few years back by site owners using Yola. The intent was to help out other site owners.
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Hello uzzer

Thank you very much. We highly appreciate user feedback, and you can be sure that it gets discussed within Yola.

Over the past years Yola has been changed and made great progress, also by adding new features, new widgets, etc. We are aware that the drop down menu feature has been requested frequently, and as soon as capacity is available, we may consider to introduce this.

The Yolacodes site is actually not working any more, but there may be some replacements in future.

Please note that such things take time, and you can be sure that Yola will keep improving and adding new features in future.
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"Please note that such things take time" - that's the whole point... :)

What gives a product competitive edge is "being on time with consumer demand".

My suggestion is aimed exactly at how to be able to do faster those things taking time.