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This is my second Yola project - but I've run into some problems with self-publishing:

I started off publishing my site on Yola:

This was done in order to complete the site development. Once completed I began the process of moving to my Hosting Server (self-publish).

NOTE: I'd prefer NOT to provide my REAL domain as it's still in pre-launch stealth mode. But I can provide it "privately" if necessary.

I'm hosting this website "Hostgator" ( which supports the basic requirements for Yola self-publishing (Php 5.2, SQLite, etc.).

1. I've completed the documented steps for self-publishing.
2. Downloaded my Yola zip file and uploaded to my Hosting Server.
3. Performed chmod "777" on the classes/work/template_c directory.

Now when I go to my self publish domain website "" -- the entire web page only contains 1 line of text:


The Title on the Browser Page Tab is:
"Placeholder Page"

That's it :-( --- obviously something is not right with the files that was zipped and downloaded since it seems the web page is NOT displaying my content but the Yola placeholder.

What am I missing?? Could it possibly be something in the php config??

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Posted 10 years ago

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Update -

After more than 3 weeks of fighting this issue with broken links in my blog - I'm waving the white flag and moving my blog over to Word Press. My Hosting service has Fantastico scripts for creating Word Press blogs so I'll just drop in the links over on the Yola side and keep my blog OUTSIDE the Yola world.

While this is a workable solution - it was not the optimal one. Nevertheless - I've come to the conclusion that if you're planning to host your site *outside* of Yola - think long and hard, do your homework and test it early before you spend a lot of hours on design and layout inside Yola.

While Monique (and the other support folks) did a great job in assisting me with the various problems I encountered - needless to say the Yola scripts are far too complex and take far too long to debug. Even if you have solid PHP experience deciphering the Yola scripts take far too much time to make it worth your while. EDITORIAL NOTE: I still think the Yola folks would be well served in sharing a bit of insight into their scripts and overall architecture for self-publishers. Without it you're left with trying to figure out what code segments like the following actually do:

//Add the 'Text' component to the region
$text_91 = new Text($pageContext, $text_91_componentProps);
$masterComponentList[] = $text_91;
$pageProperties['regions']['sys_region_1'][] = $text_91;

$pageProperties['masterComponentList'] = $masterComponentList;

If you are still considering self hosting here's a few tips:

1. Hosting Provider
Make sure your hosting provider is using standard tools and services (Cpanel, Fantastico, SQLite, etc.)

2. Self-Publishing Your Yola Website
This could be a 30 minute task or a 1 month task depending on your experience, hosting service provider, steps you took to self-publish and complexity o your Yola site. While it is totally possible to self-publish (my site is now up on my own server), if you lack the technical know-how to navigate through the maze of php, DNS, html and other issues - I'd strongly suggest other alternatives (including hosting your site with Yola).

3. Yola spun Blogs
If you are self-publishing a blog or have a blog integrated into a self-published site - there is a pretty good chance you WILL NOT get it to work (that's based on my experience at least). There are a myriad of things that could cause you problems and the SQLite element of the Yola spun blog creates another layer of unmanageable complexity. My issue was ALL of the links to each of my blog posts spit out 404 Errors. ALL OF THEM!! So while I would have preferred building my blog in Yola - it simply does not work for self-publishing.

Hope this is somewhat helpful to all you wanna be self-publishers out there.


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Thank you for the feedback. I am sorry about the time, energy and frustration you expended, and I undertake to thoughtfully consider and communicate the points you raised on this thread. All the best with your new plan for your blog!