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I added a comment box. The back of my website is black. I can't read the comments.
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Posted 10 years ago

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i cant even get a comment thing 2 work!!!!!!!
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Hi Shibby,

There's a chance that might not be using the right comment box for your site, I can only suggest that you browse for a different one! I have added the steps for adding a comment box below - I know that Widgetbox (if that's the site you're using) have a few different ones on offer.

If it doesn't solve your problem, please send an email to so that we can help you further?

To add a comment box to your site, do the following:
1) Open the "Widgets" folder in the sidebar on the right of your screen
2) Drag and drop a "Widget Box" icon onto your page
3) Click on the link in the dialog and you will be taken to Widget Box
4) Browse for a comment box, and when you find one you like, click "get widget"
5) Copy the code and paste it into the dialog box in SynthaSite

Your very own comment box will then be embedded on your site!

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to solve the problem of the dark background, I suggest placing the comment box in a bordered table. the code below is a table that is white on the inside

here is the code for a table:

I was having some trouble making the code show up correctly in this comment, CLICK HERE to retrieve the code

Place the code for the comment box in the area where it says "Place code for comment box in here"

if you want to, or need to, and you probably will, you can adjust the dimensions of the table by changing the height and width

if you want to make the border itself thicker or thinner, just change the border="1" to whatever number you want. even 0

After everything, this is what is should look like: Click Here

this is just a suggestion, if someone thinks of a better way that would be fine too

if you have questions, just ask
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How do you get a comment box like the one we are using now?
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Hi Kimberly - GetSatisfaction is a forum and there are many free forums available. Here's a post with more info:
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Mmm I tried using the code,but I couldnt find the place to add it in?Borderd table you called it.But what is a bordered table?Where?What?How??

I pressed on the click here link but it went to some weird site with shoot em up stuff?So I didnt see any code....or maybe im just a bit illiterate at the moment =P
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hi spazzimus and kimberly,

sorry about that, i wrote that post two months ago and seemed to have written over the page

thats ok, i recreated the page over again

to view the real code and the preview click here.

that code is just for the table itself

if you would like a comment widget, you can either do a search for it at and retrieve the html code or go to

once you retrieve the code for the comment widget, just copy and paste it into where it says "The Code For The Comment Widget Goes Here".

hope that helps, just ask if you need help
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Thanks gamedemon! I just went and grabbed the code you were thoughtful enough to provide for us. Very cool!
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Hey there gamedemon... Just thought I would through something your way

If you were to save the green background for your buttons as a 300dpi png image instead of a jpg you would get a much cleaner image. Here is one I made I to compare to yours but in a png.

You can save this one and adjust it to the same size as your jpg and adjust the hue and saturation with any any photo editing program to your desired color preferance.

Your site it lookin just greaaaaat

Wait I'ma bear nota tiger

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hi ed, thanks for wanting to help

those pages that you see up top were made a long time ago with, my old web host which i used before i found synthasite

110mb has an actual html editor, so nowadays, when i need to make tables and boxes i use the html editor on 110mb and then generate the html code which i past to my syntha-sites.

what you see in that first link, 5 posts up, was one of my first attempts to make tables for my game site

if you want to see how my site looks now, it is at

as you see, the tables i use now are much better

thanks anyway