Here is some free clip art web links in addition to a cool flash banner maker...

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***You may wish to print this entire page for reference and ease of use***

Step by step tour for preparing an image for use in Flash Intro Banner Maker that I posted above. I added this because I learned each step by myself the really hard way and don’t see the need for you all to have to go through that nightmare alone. (lol) If you do not intend to cut an image out of one of a pictures then skip step (1)

Step (1)
I forgot to mention earlier that I used Adobe Fireworks to cut out the playhouse image. It was a difficult program to master alone but here is a tutorial I found for your guys and gals out there to learn how to uses and cut any image out of any picture. In addition to the link for the free 30 day trial of the Adobe program the tutorial link is just under it. It happens to be a tutorial on how to make a creation but it will teach you how to cut out and save an image. Just disregard all the other stuff on the tutorial link unless you want to someday make a talking head of yourself. (ha ha ha)

big file but worth it.

tutorial link (click on the video for the tutorial then you can resize it to fit on one side of the screen while the Adobe Fireworks program is on the other) its the easiest way I found to view both at the same time and you can rewind as many times as you like. God knows I did many, many, many, times.

Step (2)
Then I used the easiest program ever to use (Window Publisher) to put my playhome image along with many other GIF files into a backyard photo for use in the free flash banner maker. Here are some good royalty free pre-made vector art pages I found but if you want to find more its a challenge but not impossible. (Vector art is a pre cut out image with no background or other stuff) You will see what I mean when you insert one into your photo background. Simply find the image you like and click it to

Unless you are able to or know how to unzip a file follow these easy instruction to save the chosen image from the below links. Click on the highlighted link then click on the image you would like to save (Do not click the Download Vector File) button, then on the next page the image you chose will be larger, you will (Right click) the image and then (Save as) select location and then save. It’s that easy. Now you have a cutout of the image you want for placement in your site or import into your personal image with Publisher with no background to look like it was cut out of a magazine (lol)

Animal clip art

Border clip art

Christian clip art

Education clip art

Food clip art

Holiday clip art

Medical clip art

Musical clip art

People clip art

Religious clip art

Sports clip art

Transportation clip art

Wedding clip art

Open Publisher then goto (Insert) then (Picture) then (From File) and select your background image from its location then goto (Insert) then (Picture) then (From File) and locate and click on your saved vector art image you just downloaded or made with Fireworks, resize it by clicking on it and then clicking on the lower right corner then adjusting the size in or out, then you can position it wherever you like on your background (note that the background should always be (send to back) in the (Arrange) then (Order) button on top or Right click the image you wish to put forward or behind another and select (Order) then your desired placement. When you are done with placement of all images then goto (File) then (Save as) then in the (Save as type) scroll down box select (JPEG Interchange Format) then click the (Change) button then click on the dot for (Commercial Printing 300dpi) then the (Ok) button then type your desired file name then (Save)

Step (3)

After you get done with your image you will need to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager or another program to resize the image to a maximum of 920 pixels wide. The resize feature will automatically adjust the height to a natural setting (this needs to be done because the Synthesite web page is on average 920 pixels wide and any larger would simply look bad and go off the screen) Right click on your newly created JPEG and select (Open with) then select (Microsoft Office Picture Manager) then after the image loads click (Edit Picture) then select (Crop) then crop the image to include only the desired image [meaning crop out the white stuff on the outside] then click (Ok) then click (Edit Picture) one more time, this time click (Resize) then click the dot in front of the (Custom width x height) then highlight the first number and or type no more than (920) You should notice that the numbers changed from the Original size to the New size. Write these numbers down like so (920width x __ __ __height) it will help you later. Then click (Ok) Then click (File) then (Save as) then in front of the file name place the (920width x __ __ __height) you wrote down before. [ __ __ __ means the three digits you wrote down before]. Note that if your image is to be a side banner then the width would of course be a number other than 920. with a little time you will get this with no problem I am sure of that.

Step (4)

Then with Photoshop you may want to blur some of the rough edges where you inserted your vector art. I have been awake for far too long and I will let you figure out Photoshop to blur if you like by yourself. It's really not a hard program to basic but if you can handle a little barely noticeable distortion I would not bother with trying to blur it because if done wrong it may look worse.

Step (5)

After all is done then you can now open your Flash Intro Banner Maker and click the Background tab to insert the image. Pretty self explanatory. Just follow the directions located at the begining of this page (I am posting this in two locations) or here.

It is however very important that in the Flash Intro Banner Maker you click the (Movie) tab and in the height and width boxes you place the numbers that you wrote down from the Microsoft Office Picture Manager resize step (Step 3). This will ensure that the banner matches the photo you plan to insert.

Gonna go get a cup of coffe or just die from 6 hours trying to write this for you guys and make sure it was all right as rain... If something is wrong don’t shoot the messenger just use the help section in the programs. I know all this works because I’ve used it for months...
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You must be exhausted after posting all that! Thanks for doing it! I am going to refer people to this post from now on. We get a lot of requests for flash banners and clipart so I am sure it is going to help a lot of people.
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I am sure there is more out there I just wanted to show some vector clipart to use and get their feet wet a little...

google results for vector clip art

insert a name of something you wish to find between the " " in the search box and hit enter

or if this link does not work you can go to google and click on the (images) up top and typ this in ( free " " clip art filetype:gif ) insert word between the commas...

free " dog " clip art filetype:gif

free " cat " clip art filetype:gif