Hey Yola users, how do you prepare to build a site?

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Hey Yola users!

Preparation is a very important step in the site building process and can really jump start the future success of a website.

We are in the process of putting together a new tutorial which will encompass all sorts of website preparation ideas. Since you all are in the throws of site building, do you have any tips for site preparation, are there specific things that you do when preparing to build a site that you think would be helpful to others who are starting out?

If you do, we would love to hear them!


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Posted 11 years ago

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Dennis Waldrop

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When you start to build a website you need a road map of where to go, how to get there and what you want to see along the way. Yola might want to be sure to include some prodding questions when you start to build your site. How many pages, what kind of pages, what kind of information etc. Yola might also give some suggestions ideas for basic pages, i,e home page, picture page, events page, Finally Yola might want to give some basic instructions on how to do a few tasks, i.e how to add comments, how to add a calendar, how to add a counter, how to upload a picture, etc.

By creating a basic website road map you will be helping new users to getting there sites up more quickly with less begiiner questions.

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Excellent suggestions, Dennis. We are planning something very much along these lines and hope to release it in the first half of next year.
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Rita Driver

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Hello gang!
My first thought is: Make it easy to read, and want more.
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Hi Rita,
Thanks for your input! This tutorial was finished a little while ago, please check it out and let us know what you think: Preparing to Build a Website.


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trying to build a site
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Hey Ricky,
Welcome to Yola! This is a great place to hang out when you are learning the ropes of building a site with Yola!

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Hai Emmy,

I saw the tutorial pages. It is very fine. I request you to mail me the web building softawre , templets or any other web creating source.

Thanking you

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Hello Rashmikant,

Yola is not software as such. It is a web-based website building tool. You can go to Yola.com and sign up for an account there and start building your site.

I hope this helps.
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Firstly I work what I want to do with the site, then I work out what it will cost in terms of hosting, and time to construct and maintain, if it pases that test I apply the following 10 questions;

1. What Are Your Business Goals?
2. What's the Purpose of Your Website?
3. What Type of Products or Services Will You Sell?
4. How Many Products Will You Sell From Your Website?
5. How Many Variables Does Your Product Have? (size, colour ect)
6. How Will You Accept Online Payments?
7. Do You Have a Web Hosting Plan?
8. Will You Need to Maintain the Website Yourself?
9. Do You Have a Marketing Plan?
10. How Will You Monitor Your Website Statistics?

In the case of Yola Q7 is answered, if I can score 80% or more I go ahead and develop it. Otherwise, I put it to one side until I review my needs.

Currently I have 4 sites, 3 on yola (one is being heid undeveloped having scored only 60%, but I will get around to reviewing my requirements on that one www.rtb2fineart.co.uk )

The other two yola sites that scored 90% and 50% but are running are
www.rtb2walks.co.uk and www.rtb2oneperday.co.uk. The leatter site only scored 50% but as it's a hobby site I did it anyway.

Use these questionsas a guide, not as a set in stone rule they may help.

I will not link to my non yola site (score 80%) but there are links to it on just about every page of my yola sites.

Good luck.