Hi can you pls help me create my website

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Posted 8 years ago

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Hello Fabianx,

Sure, we can definitely help you. Here are some instructions to help you get started once you have signed up on Yola.com

1. You will need to select a category based on the kind of website you would like to build. Select the one that you feel best fits in with your vision.
2. Select a name for your site. This will go in your page heading so it should provide a clear indication of what your site is all about.
3. Based on the category you've selected, there will be website pages recommended for you to use. You can always add more later if we haven't thought of them all. If you wish to deselect any of the recommended pages, you can do so by clicking on the box next to the name of the page. Note the homepage cannot be deselected as it is required.
4. Click on "Next, pick a style" to view the styles we thought would work best for you based on your site category. If you want a wider selection you can view our Style library which contains over 100 templates from the Sidebar on the right. The Style you select will set the tone for the look and feel of your site, but if you change your mind, it too can be easily changed later.
5. Once you've selected your style, the Sitebuilder will put your site together. What you will see is a pre-filled guide to building your website! You can begin adding your personal touches to your website right away!

For detailed, step-by-step instructions, please search our help topics or check the tutorials.

I would suggest that you start creating your site using our help topics and tutorials as a guide. Then, if you run into a problem, you are welcome to email us and we will do our best to help you, you can also post your questions on this forum for quick assistance.
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This is really for anyone here that is newish to this exciting business.

Using Quotation Marks when conducting Keyword Research - is something that confuses many online :banghead:-

and I include myself when I began :smile:

In fact - the subject alone is a topic I get asked about loads.....

A question I get asked often usually goes something like this:

"Why should I use quotation marks (") when conducting keyword research - because nobody uses " when

searching online.

Great question!

Ready for the answer

The inverted commas are really there for YOU - to help with your research

That is the ONLY reason

The quotes allow you to ascertain your competition

This is the SECRET that no one explains

When you conduct a search at Google WITHOUT the quotes, you get results that contain your keywords IN ANY



...when you conduct a search WITH the quotes, you get results that only include pages that contain your ESACT

keyword phrase.

Do you see the difference?

A lot of people do not at first.

Let me give you an example:

Say you looked at the keyword "loose weight for summer hoiday"

Lets imagine the results are 767,000 searches without quotes - and 1,000 with quotes.

You may want to consider using this as a key phrase because using the exact term you are only competing with

1,000 pages - not 767,000.

Does that makes sense?

I know at first it takes a few moments to see the difference - it took me months!

When people type in a search in Google WITHOUT quotes, they will get ANY site that uses that keyword in their

articles, webpage etc.

Plus, without quotes the keyword won't necessarily be the 'exact' keyword. It could be broken up.

An example of this is - if your keyword is "fastest way to build credit", Google will pick up sites that

might include "fastest" and "build credit", but not necessarily in that order (or even grouped together).

But using the quotation marks for your keyword research - you will bring up sites/articles who are

specifically optimizing for the keywords you are targeting.

This gives you an idea of the TRUE competition you are up against.

When you use quotes, it brings up your most prominent competition.

In other words, people who know a bit about what they are doing to rank for those keywords.

Using keywords in quotation marks just tells you more precisely who you are competing against.

It's true most people never use quotes when they are doing a search for something - but if you do - this will

give you an idea how many pages you are competing with for your keywords.

Using "" is just a tool to give you an edge on your competition.

I hope this may help a few here - as this confused me TONS when I began - and it took me MONTHS (literally)

to finally understand!!! But then again - maybe I'm a bit slow (probably...)

To Grab Your EXCLUSIVE FREE Copy of "Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon"


Christohper Hamlen
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Learn How 2 Create A Website

To create a website isn't that difficult - once you know how! But where do you start? To Create a Website is a free tutorial site, where you will learn how 2 create a website using easy to understand, website builders, tools, articles and tutorials designed especially for beginners

How 2 Create a Website