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I am in the process of creating an e-shop and I have already IMAGES OF GOODS THERE without descriptions yet+ photos as illustrations (just ideas not final)
all already saved and published+visible.
Now I have read an artical, that it is legally charged and illegal to have any illustrations saved from a web,
so I probably should not even have it published on web in the process just for me to see it, as it might come up in the search...and I could be legally responsible for paying the fine (not sure if they could as my shop is not running yet, I am in the process of creating, but still...prosecutors usually dont bother about this...)
1) I was wondering, how it is legally with using your pre-set web pages design-
the photos in banner+1main photo+6 small in the gallery+text-
can I legally have it in published website with the text given (perhaps changed)
and if some prosecutor write me a letter,
where is my proof? In case, you will change the design of FREE WEBSITES-FASHION and my one will no longer be there?

2) Now I need to hide the illustrations photos as I will be later on replacing them with legally downloaded photos, but I do not want to lose the frame and idea of them.
So I have saved the page as the name it was - SHOP (thats the ORIGINAL with illustrations)
and now I deleted the illustrations and saved it as :SHOP PROJECT 2 (thinking that now only project 2 will be visible and then I publish it again SO NO ILLUSTRATIONS publically on the web, but also the ORIGINAL SHOP is visible)

HOW TO KEEP THE OLD -SHOP page- but make it invisible, so I can work on description on goods and just keep SAVING PAGE
but NOT PUBLISH IT so it is not visible on the web,
while the deleted illustrations SHOP PROJECT 2 will be now PUBLISHED AND VISIBLE for a while
until my SHOP PAGE IS READY TO BE PUBLISHED? (in simple steps please) thanks
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi Lili,

The easiest way is to remove your shop page(s) from your menu. This means that a casual browser is not likely to see the store because they wouldn't have a navigation aid to get them there.

If you are worried about search engine bots finding the page then you could also password protect the page. This prevents the bots from scanning the page content.

You can also unpublish your site after each review so that the published site is not online.
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Hi Gop,
thanks for the answer...but still not sure if I can use this:
My FREE=subdomain site is now PUBLISHED-ALIVE with all pictures already on+also the illustrations-illegal drafts- so the DOMAIN-NAME IS TAKEN.
If I 3) UNPUBLISH, someone else could take this NAME from me and I will have to do all uploading work again- so this is not an option for me, see?
2) Password PROTECT- yeah, thats probably what the prosecutors do- so I quess I could be on their list already (even though my shop is not done+functional yet)- they might be just waiting when I put my address on my web:)
-anyway, I have to do that for each page and then undo it? Otherwise my customers will not be able to see my web???
-And if I PUBLISH the web again those PROTECTED PAGES will not be visible anymore or they will still be there? (see, I am not sure if they do scanning or if it is enough to see images on my pages)

1) MAYBE THIS IS A SOLUTION: if I REMOVE PAGES FROM MENU, I can still work on them, but then if I just SAVE THE PAGE will it keep all the work even after logging out???
-or can I even PUBLISH IT, but noone will see it anyway, not even the scanner?
Many times it freezes when I try to save my work, even if working in Mozilla (in Explorer the banner and boxes then look different, not as I design them in Mzl...so I quess thats yola free domain ongoing problem...)
so I am afraid of loosing my work...if not published.

Therefore I thought the best way to finish the work on my original SHOP PAGES with all my drafts, but have them hiden
and PUBLISH THEIR DOUBLES BUT WITH NO ILLUSTRATIONS ON (delete them just there on the doubles)
and when my work is complete I will RE-PUBLISH THE FINISHED ORIGINAL...
but I could not work out how as I thought once I rename the page
and save page as the old page will stay, but not show up in the menu- but they both did...

Could you see a solution and make these options clearer to me?

Also I need some yola member to answer me the legals behind the FREE PRE-SET YOLA SITE+ILLUSTRATIONAL PHOTOS as described above in my text...???
I am not sure they do email reply anymore on free domains...
Many thanks for any help
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If you lose the sub-domain you will still have the site file it would mean that you could publish it to another subdomain.

It sounds as if you have copied a large amount of material? If so then Yola will probably pull your site if any material owner complains. The litigation aspect I think is low but possible. There are sources for licensed images that you don't need to buy but simply need to attribute the source. A really good place for this is Flickr. Just read the Creative Commons explanation on Flickr then you can choose images that won't be a problem.and there are millions of them.

To remove items from the menu: Page >Page Manager select the specific page you wish to remove from your menu and click on the green check mark and it will toggle to a red cross. This means that the page has been removed from the menu but it is still part of your site. (It can also still be scanned by the bots including the image bots but unlikely for other humans to find it by browsing your site). Adding Password Protection prevents the bots from scanning your page. Protected pages also remain on your site and you can remove the password protection at any time.

If you are referring to the site templates with images included then you do not have to attribute these and you are free to use them within your site. I am not sure though if you can lift the images from one style to add to another. Maybe Laura or Stefan will answer this on their review of this post.. and my brain hurts....
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I just played around with ideas of the desired design, so I have there few illustrative images I liked, which I plan to replace in final stages- but I want to keep the draft until I replace them, so it is not convinient to delete them now.
My shop was not open yet- so I didnt think it could be a problem, until I have read the legal artical by chance...

But I am also worried to not be able to work on my hidden-not in menu pages as uploading them takes ages and most of the time it freezes in the process, and also just save-ing without priview+publish might not save the changes- as yola almost always FREEZES and the SAVE-ACTION is NOT complete...

well, I already did hide all pages in PAGE MANAGER (many thanks, but I figured that out)
I create one site just with my images and call it DRAFT, which I plan to publish (it freezed again so not yet) as I am not sure if I can hide ALL PAGES and PUBLISH NONE just to keep the name I want?
The only problem is, that there is still that ONE PRE-SET YOLA IMAGE...but that should be legal or yola responsibility- however where would be my proof???

So, I hide all, publish just that one DRAFT PAGE
and on top I protect all hiden and even published side with passport while designing as you have suggested as to be protected against the scan as well not just the viewer- many thanks for clearing that out for me!!!
After I will be ready to publish all sites I will remove the password-
finally is that all that should be done to be on a safe side while designing my shop?

Many thanks for your help
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the artical stated that lawers found another tricky way to make money- if they find e.g. a charity site with google-search saved images/texts- and the address of the owner -they will just write to you a letter with the fine to be payed- 350GBP per each image no discussions...
so much for playing around with ideas for my shop:)

The problem with taking images from free-images artists and just referencing back might not solve the problem...as one will probably need a PROOF OF LEGAL DOWNLOAD so probably just stock images will do.
But that not a problem, the problem is if YOLA changes its PRE-SET SUBDOMAINS as they might in the future, I will have no proof of being legally used from YOLA...but I would love to use them as its nice...
Just to warn other people who never heard of this.
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No, the index page even if it is hidden will still show (together with the draft page)-
and thats the only page I cannot delete as I have there the illustration draft ideas.

Is there any way how I can hide this INDEX page?
My draft page will not move above the index one neither can be index page renamed- any solution?
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Possible solution:
wouldnt then be enough to Password Protect each page including the index one?
(I did this also with hiding all pages, but index page would not hide. But with PP nothing at all from my free-website is seen.There is just the dialog-log in with passport instead of my website on a blank page!)

Because no one, as you said can scan PP website or access my website unless they know my pasword and
I can keep saving +publishing my website
as only I can see it if I write in the password, not?

But then once I do write in my password to see if any new changes were saved and published- then it will be on the WEB ALSO FOR OTHERS TO SEE for that moment???
If visible for me only, then this could be the easiest solution to this legal matter for time of designing my shop, not???

Many thanks again, Gop, for explaining all this to me and sorry for giving you a headache- I did not mean to...
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Hi, please help me I have tuns of work on my site and everything works, just not those 3 buttons:


the save will even get alive, when I click into the widget, but when I click on save it will go white and nothing- no reaction


when I open the site in the next window there these buttons work properly,

I can even publish the site there but the UNSAVED DAY work changes will not apply- only the last saved work...

so thats a problem-

if I refresh the site

or seve page as

I am likely to lose all my work, correct?

Please help, what can I do, how to save that one page where the buttons stopped working?

many thanks
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Hello lili

Which browser are you using? User who tried working with Yola in Internet Explorer 10 reported issues of that kind. Can you please try using a different browser? Yola currently supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari (latest versions) and Internet Explorer 8 and 9.