How can I disable right clicking on my site?

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David Farmer

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  • a little frustrated.

Posted 10 years ago

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Official Response
Hello David

I have just sent you a reply via email. I'll also post my reply here so that others who may be asking the same question can benefit from this answer.

There are Javascripts out there that can catch the mouse right-click event and prevent the user from being able to right-click and download your images. However, any somewhat savvy user can easily by-pass these scripts, and they mess with the over-all usability of your website; and as such are not recommended. For a more detailed discussion of this topic see: How do I stop downloading.

The good news is that there are other ways to protect your pictures, and make sure that you get suitable credit where credit is due.

1. Watermark the images:
This is the most effective way to ensure that another user cannot take your pictures and use them as their own - and what's better, if they do take the pictures and use them on their own website, they will effectively be advertising your work for you for free. If you are selling your work; what many people do is provide low-resolution watermarked images on the site, with an order form for people to request the larger unmarked images.

Here are 3 online free watermarking services that you may find useful:

* PicMarkr
* WebWatermarks
* Watermarktool

2. Publish your pictures under a license:
Creative Commons provides an easy way for you to choose a license for your work. Check out their license generator: Creative Commons.

I hope that helps!

If you need any further assistance, please let me know.
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I'd like to add disable right click option to my webpage so that my images can't be stolen
quite so easily. Most copy/paste html you find to add to sites to do this with require you to place it in the body of the html of your page. How do you see the complete html for a yola created webpage?

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Francesco Patane'

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Before publishing my yola website I would like to add the Javascript codes that disable the "Select" option ( left button of the mouse), the Copy option ( right button of the mouse) anc CTRL+ C.

I think this is a very good way to prevent visitors from copying your content, or to make it a bit harder, at least.

Does anyone know where can I get these Javascript codes?

Any suggestion or help would be much appreciated.


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Hello Francesco

This is rather annoying to your visitors and anyone that is a little good with internet can just disable JavaScript and all of those will be working again.

If you are trying to protect your images, it is best to Watermark your images. Watermarking is a good way to protect your images because once someone saves your image, it has your name or logo over it and they can't erase that. Here are some Watermark image tools that you may like to use:

* WaterMark Tool

* PicMark


Lots of people use their right-click menu for going back, reloading, and much more.

If you still would like to do this, here is an article on that.

I hope this helps.

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Alain Pascal Routhier

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so I published my web site (, Someone noticed that anyone visiting the web site can 'cut&paste' my pages and the PDF documents that are on it.
When I surf other websites if I try to cut & paste something a window pops-up and says 'you are not authorized to copy this information' or such message.
How can I activate this feature for my site?

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Hello Alain,

There are many right click prevention codes available on the web. None work as they can be got passed by a few clicks or simply someone doing a screen capture. They then have the screen data available.

Right click prevention has a more negative affect than it appears as it prevents a lot of functionality for a user and is not recommended as a solution.
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Alain Pascal Routhier

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thank you for the comment.
I agree disabling right click could have more negative effect then benefits and it can be by passed, for ex. with ctrl+c and then ctrl+v.
the issue is that I include copy of my work in the web site, usually as pdf document, I do not want my work to simply be cut&paste by anyone after I posted it.
what I was referring to earlier was a function where an attempt at copying would bring up a security windows saying one needed admin rights or did not have permission to perform that function, so a cut and paste was not possible.
A screen capture is ok since it is a 'picture' ones does not actually copy de document.
Any idea of what I am referring too? I imagine it would be a function from Yola.
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Thanks Alain,

Yola don't have a facility to prevent such. This would need to be a third party addition that you would add to your page. If you can find a js script to do this then it should be able to be added.
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Shrikant Patel

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Please send e-mail with widget which i can cut and paste to disable right click on all my pictures embeded in my web site. so people cannot copy my designs

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Please review the comments above in reference to your request.