How can I make my website be found online faster?

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My website will come up online when I search for it under the title itself or the key words: Diana North Poetry. Yet it won't when I use other keywords. It is called What should I do?
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Posted 9 years ago

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If you are not able to search for your website using keywords, there is a chance that the keywords have not been indexed yet. Please go into your account and make sure that you have added keywords and a description to each page on your website.
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Actually, the odds of a keyword bringing up your site is generally not that likely. It's all a big game of competition. You have to focus your attention on good SEO. Chances are, your site IS in the index for most keywords you think would pull it up, it's just so far into the index you're not likely to see it.

Keywords - avoid keyword stuffing, more than 12-15 generally penalizes you and you get indexed lower. Avoid the same keyword on one page even if in a different phrase... "auto lot, auto dealer, auto loan" - auto should not be there three times, instead, try "auto lot, dealer, loan" as an example. up to 12 WORDS - don't confuse words with phrases, if you use phrases in your keywords, add them up together... "this is phrase one, and phrase two" - two phrases, 7 of 12/15 maximum keywords.

DO NOT use black hat tricks, these are tricks generally used to fool search engines. Such as hiding keywords "in text" by making the text the same color (or close to) as the background. Search engines have learned to find these and can often BAN your page/site from search engines.

Avoid spam or annoying ads. The more your site gets reported to anti virus, google, etc. for not being a good or trusted site, the lower your site will be and may even be banned.

Use good unique content that changes regularly. The more fresh and unique your content, the better search engines appreciate your site and indexes you better.

Ultimately, your goal is to get a page rank of 10... with this, you should be indexed quite well...

Hope this helps a little.
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Great answer, Donald... filled in a few of the many gaps in my SEO knowledge. Thank you. Incidentally, a very nice and interesting website too.