How can I promote my website so people know its there?

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I have a website, which has been live for a few months. But no one seems to have found it. I really want to start taking sales, but dont know how to achieve this when no one visits my site. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can promote my website quickly and successfully!?

My site is
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Hello Tan

I apologize for such a long delay in answering your question.
Traffic is the lifeblood of any website! So how can you begin to increase the traffic to your site?

**Directory Submissions:**

There are numerous directories on the Internet that accept paid and un-paid website submissions. These directories categorize websites by content type, so you will need to choose the best category for what your website provides. You'll generally be able to give your listing a title, short description and link to your website. Don't ever pay someone to "submit your website to 200 directories," this is not looked highly upon by search engines. []( has developed a great list along with directory page rank to get you started.

**Submitting Articles to Article Directories:**

There are many article directories on the Internet that accept unpaid submissions of articles for inclusion in their article database. What you can do is write informative articles about your niche area, submit them to these article directories, and place an Author Bio at the end with a link back to your website. When you submit your articles to an article directory you give other people permission to reprint your article in their Internet publications such as websites, newsletters, blogs etc. as long as the Author Bio is included along with the links back to your website. As people begin to read your articles and reprint them, you will begin to not only get links back to your site, but visitors as well. Here are a few good article directories to get you started: [](, []( and [](

**Social Networking:**

Social networking sites include sites such as, and, and that is just scratching the surface. This strategy for increasing traffic to your website can be time consuming, as the idea is to basically get "social" with other people using these sites; but the benefits to your website in terms of traffic and links can be outstanding, but staying engaged is a key factor.


Another great way to promote your site and any updates you make is through Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, you can easily Tweet any changes or updates you make when you publish! For more information on this please see this thread in our forum: Twitter Button - Tweet your new site or your latest changes!.

If you don't have a Twitter account and would like to get one to make use of this promotion tool, please go to and sign up for a Free account!

**Offline Marketing:**

Don't forget to add your website to your business cards, brochures and print media advertising.

Strategies which will increase traffic to your website will also play into your ranking in the search engines; it's a great cycle to get your website into... more traffic = better rankings and better rankings = more traffic!

Yola has developed a short series of SEO Tutorials which will take you through the process of building, maintaining and promoting your website with search engine optimization in mind, here is a link: SEO Tutorials. You can also watch a webinar at, Introduction to SEO.

Also, if you have not signed up with Google Webmaster, then I would encourage you to do this as well.

To verify your site with Google Webmaster you need to use the meta tag option. It is very important that you copy the correct portion of the tag in order to be successful. Copy only the letter/number string between the quotation marks and paste it in the designated field in the Properties sidebar.

For detailed, step-by-step, instructions on how to verify your site with Google Webmaster and submit a sitemap, please see our Google Webmaster Tutorial. Please use our instructions and not Google's. Google's are written on the assumption that you are coding the website from scratch. Our instructions are written to work specifically with Yola.

You may also be interested in reading our SEO tutorials. The last tutorial in the series, SEO Tutorial 4 - Promoting Your Website has many other suggestions to help you now that you have launched your site; here is a link: SEO Tutorials.

If you have any difficulty with this, please let us know.
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i have a spoken word poetry website which is related to poetry. i have a poetry page at having this page in a related field helps a great deal. besides, i just solicited my site with this reply....thanks for the opporunity. (smile) so, if there is a related community which coincide with your site or business, join it, especially if it's free. also, in my neighborhood there are several free news papers. i put flyers inside of them. i've never known that to be illegal. i also place flyers in the poetry or creative writing section at libraries. but search engines such as google, bing and yahoo really work. good luck, have peace
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Hi michaelkamaupoetry

Thanks for adding these helpful tips on promoting your site online and in the real world! The more ways to get your site noticed, the better.
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Thats great suggestions - thank you.
If anyone else has any tried and tested ideas please let me know.
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I totally agree with Sanja's suggestions. You have to get out there and promote your site to try and get people to want to visit your site. I took a look and i think you have a very nice website. You might want to start a blog and then promote your blog through Facebook or Twitter or a site like that. Instead of directly promoting your product you are promoting a converstion about candles and how they may have benefits to you physically and emotionally. Try to find forums that may deal with your subject. I do not know if there are any forums dedicated to candles and candle therapy. Use your website address on anything you give out, pass out or mail out. Hope ths helps.

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Thanks for the feedback Dennis, I have now created a blog which can be found on
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I just bought a book "Web Marketing for Dummies" and it's an excellent book. I plan on sharing some of the information... stay tuned for some great information... maybe tomorrow!

The book which was half off costing me $12.50 also comes with a $25 Adwords credit, I recommend purchasing the book.
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I found a great Marketing Company that gives you just what they promise. Traffiic to your site. This is a numbers game. The more people you get to your site the better chance of making money. This is my second campaign with them and 5% of the traffic has shopped with me. Thats $2000.00 more than i had with no traffic LOL! contact me i would love to share there information with anyone who needs it.
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Great ideas here. I totally agree with Sanja about not paying a marketer to list our business with a ton of directories. They typically use the same description and keywords to show up on hundreds of directories, which doesn't do much good and may even hurt your site rankings.

Another free option is to get listed in as many free local directories as you can. Most let you list basic business info like, address, phone, map, categories, keywords and a description. Some are better than others.

Here's a good article with more ideas:
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Here is the most overlooked aspect of internet business and any business.
Nothing is free. what you put into your business is what you will get back as far as treating it as a business. People do the right thing as if your website is a Fortune 500 company. Market and Advertise your business in a fashion that works not with something that cuts corners. There are no short cuts. You will not get on the first page of google or yahoo with short cut methods if that was possible by doing these register here and there ideas, the large corportations would be doing it too. instead they market and advertise the right way. i'm not saying don't register with the search engines. i'm simply saying put some money into your business and watch what happens. if you can't do that. then don't go into business. Short cuts and clever this and that will get you nothing excepts blogging that you have no success. There is no Internet Fairy. I didnt get good traffic to my site until i decided to Market and advertise like i was a fortune 500. are you running your business with money and making executive decision or are you running your business on feelings (i can't afford to put anymore money into this) put nothing in you get nothing.
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contact me and i will show you the way.
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i have a website about warcraft but i dont know if any body will look at it.
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i agree with sarja...or you can try to google search and get free coupon to advertise. Also you can try out using stumble upon.
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Joining places like facebook, myspace and tagged are some ways to promote your business. Joining forums and word of mouth is always the best.
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To promote your website look at SEOClerks or CodeClerks for SEO promotions. I think it`ll help you