how did yola get their login box?

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They made it with many programmers and money.
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Official Response
Lambofgod is correct :)

Also it is a lot easier to make this for one site, than to make it possible for millions of different sites to have their own. In order to have a login box you need a database associated with your site, to keep a record of all your users. For us to make this for option available for Yola users, we would have to create a database for each site that you could customize.

We have our own database for that contains the information for all our customers.
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so logins arent gunna be a feature EVER because it would cost WAY too much for 1 milion computers.
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But is a website builder, and they have membership login stuff, its called WebsID
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@nathan i know that has got a membership login feature but the thing is it is all down to money. has prob got the money but yola (formerly synthasite) was made 2 years ago so it will take time for the money to build up. so we all need to be patience with yola n then until yola has got enough money then yola MIGHT concider paying for the extra batabases and servers.
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yeah, thats true
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Yola could team up with AuthPro. I am using AuthPro on my website and its awesome! Its a free membership service that provides everything. You just put the little codes in your website. Like the Welcome message code, the Logout link, the Edit profile link, and much, much more! But I customized all the codes a lot better! And I made it on the homepage that when you are logged in it will show a white box with your name and links. Like it says "Logged in as your name [Members Area] [Logout]" and it disappears when you aren't logged in! I did that with JavaScript. I just set it up to hide the div with the logged in as code and the logout link and the members area link. They also give you user management thing and, if you get deluxe instead of free (Deluxe is only $4.50/mo!) you get unlimited users and you can put login and registration forms right in your website! With free, you have to use the hosted page for login forms. It also includes the "Forgot your password" thing where they type in their email and their details get emailed to them and you get to customize all of the emails and everything! And you can customize the email address and sender name the emails get sent from!