How do I get more viewers for my new website?

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I have recently created a webste.
It is NOT for business and money-making.

It is for fun, and helpful tips and updates.

Please go to my website and check it from now and then.
It's .

Can anyone please help me and give me advice for getting more viewers?
Thank you very much!!!

- Dreamerboy00
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Posted 12 years ago

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Hi Dreamerboy00,

You can start by visiting this thread in this forum and posting a link to your site:
Many people from the SynthaSite community have posted links to their sites on that thread and if you go there you are bound to get some visitors and some feedback.

Then please check out this useful tutorial for tips on getting more visitors to your site:

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dude, real quick, lemme tell you some feed back. you gota organize man! take all your videos and put them on a videos page. then put all your widgets and fun apps and games on another. really organize. your home page should strictly tell the users the purpose of the site. draw them in with a few neat and fancy things and thats all.
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Click this and you will get more viewers:
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ok, just to let you know, im gonna be straight and to the point..take no offense please..

your site sucks right its super messy and i had no clue what it was about. also, all of the pages are sooooo disorganized i had a hard time getting around.

First, you should make your home page much more appealing to the eye and it should have somekind of summary on it that draws the viewer in more. Also, it should state the main purpose in it. also, add some pics, and chage up the color cause its soooo simple.

the videos page needs work too. 1st, organize your videos instead of putting them randomly there. Its so clumped up and stuff..

Games....again messy. its a straight line of one likes that. You should really make sections and put like a description of the games. like put dividers between them and stuff

for everything like else, just follow what i told you for the videos and the games. If you follow these succesfully, then you should submit your site to search engines and put alot of random tags on it to make people go to it.

I hope this helps! and if you need any more tips, please visit my site at and go to the contact us page and shoot me an email!
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Hi nks,

You have some really valid feedback but unfortunately the way you delivered it is harsh and thus is difficult to take constructively. We must ask you to review and abide by ourCommunity Guidelines if you wish to keep your comments visible on our forum.

Also, you may want to take note of how old posts are that you're replying to. The user you offered feedback to posted a year ago. I'd hate to see you waste your time providing legitimate feedback to users who aren't actively maintaining their sites.
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Laura Thomas,

I think 'nks' had a valid point of view, was not overly harsh and perhaps the only word used that perhaps was not needed was 'sucks' - Everyone wants to be polite and helpful here, I understand, but life is not always a box of cotton wool and where needed a firm push in the right direction by being honest and driect is never a bad thing

I feel 'nks's' post was both constructive and aside from the word 'sucks' in no way offensive. Of course, I am British and the word 'sucks' is hardly used in our language.
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Yes, and I think that the word "sucks" was the only one which was not needed there.
There are forums where people are much more frank and not so polite as here. Which is of course good that Yola's forum is so helpful and tactful. Thanks to that people are not afraid to ask and learn.
And maybe "nks" deserves to be booked by yellow card, but nothing more. He has been just honest and sometimes truth is painful.
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I got some really decent view packets for you
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Hi i have created new weabsite i want more viewers.............
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This is a forum for Yola built sites, as yours isn't your comment may be construed as spam
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Sign up with and submit your website pages there. if it is a good webpage it could be a good boost to your views