How Do I Know if I'm Stuffing Keywords or Not?

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I'm not quite getting the broad topic of Keywords and how they should be used. I know that Google Spider's websites looking for keywords. I assume this is to be able to match a person typing in a query with the site that will match (please feel free to when any of my assumptions are wrong). I also understand that these Spiders crawl through pages looking for copy that matches what others may search for in the future. With this in mind, I have a few questions and I hope these will help others that may not understand as well:

1. Do Keywords used HAVE to also appear on the same page in the visible text?
2. What is the actual Google maximum parameters for using Keywords?
3. In the Copy's (actual webpage text) respect, in there a to maximum word usage on the webpage text itself? NOTE: I don't think there is, but wanted to make more sense with regard to the boundaries of this concept.
4. What if a word phrase doesn't match up in the other area (i.e., Keyword vs. Webpage Text: Is there a necessary ratio)?
5. When I use Google's Keyword tool (, can I put all these Synonym Keywords in the Keyword Field of my page?
6. If I do put all these Synonym Keywords in, should I also have at least one word typed in the webpage text, used in a natural sentence, for each Keyword listed in the Keyword Field?
7. If I shouldn't us every Synonym keyword in the Google's Keyword Tool, how should I pick to one that I should use? Is there a set formula or some rule of thumb?
8. Does my Homepage play a special part in using keywords for defining to Google the theme of my site?

Sorry for all the questions? Optimizing a website seems so ambiguous. I'm trying to see if there is any firm footing to anchor where I should be and therefore give direction. Thanks for your time.

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Posted 9 years ago

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Hello Bob,

Great questions! Search engine optimization is a bit of an education for sure and there is a great deal of informational material out there to help you learn some of the various techniques.

When it comes to keywords and what to put on your page, the main thing I can say about this is to make sure you keep relevant to the page topic. Keywords, keyword research and how to use them in your pages is a very big topic in general, and many people will have different ideas on it.

You were asking for some firm footing as how to go about this, so instead of answering each of the specific questions, as some of them one person might give one answer, where another person would give a different answer. What I would like to do is point you in the direction of our SEO Tutorials. These were written to help step you through planning, building and promoting your site with search engine optimization in mind. If you look at the "Planning your site with SEO in mind" and "Building your site with SEO in mind" you will find information about keyword research and how to choose keywords for various pages of your site.

I hope this will be helpful. If you don't find answers to specific questions you have in them, I would suggest that you do some searches on Google for various SEO materials, there is so much out there.

Kind Regards,
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When you use keywords, never use one word keywords instead use two to four word key phrases not to exceed 12 keywords, more than 12 is keyword stuffing by google's standards.

Instead of...

car, automoibile, vehicle, viper, and 8 more keywords...


1988 cars, sell your automobile, etc... up to 12 total words (about 3 to 6 phrases) and NEVER blend a keyword into a page such as using text the same color as the background so you can use keywords visible to google but not visible to the regular user, this will ban your site from google's index.