How do I put code in the Menu?

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I would really like to be able to put HTML code, or at least text and links in the menu. Is this possible? I've found myself wanting to do this a couple of times. It would also make it easier to customize the templates.

Thanks so much for your help.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Matthew,

You can definitely add HTML to your page, it can be done by either:
1) Dragging and dropping an HTML widget from the sidebar on the right onto your page (the icon for this is a blue sphere). An HTML editor will open up that will allow you to write or paste your code. Be sure to delete the default tags in the HTML editor. When you are done, click "ok" and you will see the way that the HTML displays on your page


2) To edit the HTML in a text box, click the last icon on the text editing toolbar (HTML) You can then edit the HTML, click ok, and return to editing text with the SynthaSite text editor.

Please let us know if you need any other help?

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Matthew Broudy

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Thanks for the help. I'm trying to do something slightly different.

In the default template for example, there is a menu for internal site navigation. I would like to be able to add html, below those menu links, in that section of the website...

As of writing I had a thought and it worked.

It was a simple and obvious workaround. I just went to "Edit Menu" went to the last menu item clicked settings and added ./a. to the end of the menu text.

Than you can input whatever html you want after that.
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Hi Matthew,

I'm glad you found an answer. It's a great tip too!

If you ever want your menu to link to an external URL here's something that will do the trick.

1. Create a new page with the name of the site you want to link to.
2. Drag and drop a HTML widget onto your page.
3. Paste this tag over the default tags in the HTML editor:

"2" is how many seconds it waits before it redirects - you can change this number
"url" is the URL it redirects to, so, replace the URL in the above tag with the one for the site you want to link to.
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I'm assuming by your description that you have a verticle menu bar, and you want to fill in the space underneath the links with banners or something just so it looks less empty.

But there is nothing you can do about it because the widgets can't be placed outside of the template boundaries.

Notice on my website,, that i have two banners on either side, well beyond the main of the template. Assuming this is similar to what you want, what you need to do is as follows (it looks difficult, but it's just wordy. I tried to make it so anyone can understand it) :

1. place a divider widget somewhere on the page like you normally would.

Preferably closer to the bottom.

2. On the side of the divider closest to the verticle menu (or wherever you want the content to appear), fill it with the links or banners or whatever you plan to have there.

You can do this later, but doing it know makes the next few steps easier i find.

3. Highlight the divider (just click on it so it turns green). Then press the "properties" button all the way to the right.

Scroll down and you will see four boxes which control the cellspacing of the widget.

If you don't already know, the top box controls the top of the widget, the bottom controls the bottom, and the sides control the sides.

4. If your menu is on the left of your template for example, type a negative number into the left box (if it's on the right, type a negative number in the right box).

It can be any number. You might have to play around with this a little, it is trial and error. I think for my website, i used -140. It might be more or less for you,

Just keep on adding or decreasing until you get your content to the position you want it to be.

5. The rest is obvious. Just drag the center of the divider as far right or left, depending on your template, and then drag your sites main content into the empty part of the divider.

Long story short, you just have to manipulate the cellspacing of a divider widget to get content on the outside of the template main area.

If you have any questions, just ask.

If you want to know how i got banners on both sides of my template, just ask (basically you put a divider in a divider, giving you three columns, and follow the same steps for each one)

Hopefully this helps someone
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-gMAMEdEMON >>> Awesome tip. Now I can use some wasted space underneath the menu.