How do I return back to a "free" account.

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Hello, I have been having a yola account for several years.

The last two years I decided to upload one of my websites to a custom domain I bought from yola, and that started all the problems.

Now with that new thing of free-bronze-silver accounts, as opposed to the bronze-silver-gold they used to have, I have been automatically put in the "bronze" category which means now paying a lot.

I do not want to pay that 50$ per year for hosting, so I want to return back to a free account.

I do not wish to have that site with the bought from yola domain anymore (which is the one that creates the problems and you ask me of my 50$ in the first place)

Now they say you can only publish 2 sites in a free account so that my sites will go unpublished... Well that is so I guess for new accounts where you have to press the "pupblish" button. But I have allready published my sites.

I have another account which is fortunatelly free, with 5 sites.... All of them are up and running, and non of them is "unpublished" So I dont get it.

Another thing is that in my current account (just as in my second account) I have some websites which are pointed FOR LIFE using a feature yola used to have years ago... They would let you point your domains that you bought elsewhere for free.

They claim that if I go back to free, my sites will be unpublished.

Well, in my second account -the free one- I still have a site published with a custom domain bought elsewhere, and it still works fine.

TBH I think the employes that have been responding my e-mails, are either ignorant, or they deliberately lie to me so that I will be pursuaded to buy that bronze upgrade thing.

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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi asgartha,

Let me start by assuring you that you do not have auto-renewal enabled so you will not be billed automatically. I can also promise you that our staff is not lying to you in any way, shape or form. I won't say that we never give out inaccurate information, because we're human and mistakes happen, but it is never intentional.

However it sounds to me like the information you have received is accurate. As you do not have auto-renewals enabled, you do not need to do anything to return to Yola Free. It will happen automatically at the end of your free Yola Bronze term assuming you do not opt to renew Bronze. At that time your websites will become unpublished and will remain that way until you bring yourself within the Yola Free, 2 site maximum and then republish them.

Please let me know if this is in conflict with any of the information you have received.