How do I upload a folder of info, including photos, to my Yola site?

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Hello Yola Support:

I'm a satisfied user,(and promoter,) of your services... here's my challenge at the moment...
I am in the midst of substantial changes to my website content. As a Fine Art Photographer, I'm editing my info down to 2 basic messages: :(1) Look at my photos.(2) Buy my photos.
To look at my photos, I've purchased a software program that gives the viewer a tour of virtual galleries, with themes in each room... how do I place these gallery tours on my yola website? Check out my website with a revised Home Page showing what I'd like the viewer to see... then have them click on a room name and go directly to the virtual tour. Following is a copy of an email from the software creator, answering this same question:
Hi there Charles,

Regarding the online galleries, does your site enable you to create separate folders, before uploading files into those folders? Or can you just upload to one main folder with no sub-folders?

The best way to upload would be to have each gallery in a separate folder, keeping them separate from each other.

To link to them, you would just create a link ( text or a graphic ) that links to the index.html file in each folder containing a 3D virtual gallery.

Regarding this error...

Some servers don't have the .CST file automatically supported ( as a MIME type ) - see

This should be easy for the YOLA guys to add hopefully, if you send them that link. You can confirm that this is the issue if you...
a) ensure the file exists ( eg pictures.cct ), by checking with YOLA's uploaded file view to see if the file exists in say your website/gallery1/ folder.
b) directly try to access that file using

If the direct link doesn't find the file, this is why the 3D Art Gallery app can't access it either - by YOLA adding in the MIME type, both you and the Art Gallery app will be able to access it and it'll work immediate.

You can also host the art galleries from another site that does support this mime type, and just link to those galleries from your YOLA website ( the galleries don't have to be on the same site as your main page ) - that could be a good way of working around the problem in case YOLA don't want to add MIME support.


Look forward to your reply:
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hello Charles,

In the File Manager you can create a sub folder and then can select multiple images at one time for uploading.
1. Log into File Manager. The first icon "New Folder" can be used to create a sub folder. The file path for it would be .../resources/SubFolderName/...
2. Double click the folder to open it.
3. From within the folder, click "Upload Files". To select more than one pictures at a time, or to select all the pictures, click on the first picture and then while holding the shift key down, click on the last picture.

Here is a thread with some additional information that may be helpful:
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Hi Crystal... thanks for the info. I've managed to place most of the required files into a file folder within Yola File Manager... except for the one crucial file that allows me to link from the Home page text!... It's an HTML file, showing on my page as a Adobe SHOCKWAVE graphic... I've used the HTML widget and it seemed to upload OK, but it does not show up in the File Manager window along with the other files in the uploaded folder... so I cannot link up!
Any suggestions? Charles.
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Hello Charles,

To upload an HTML file into your File manager, you don't place it in an HTML widget. The HTML widget is used for displaying HTML content within the page itself.

You just do as you did for your image files. Instead of clicking on the image file name you click on the HTML file and proceed as if it was the same as the image file. Once it's in the File Manager then it is available for call. For this process you need Yola Silver or Gold. If you have Bronze you can store the HTML file on an external host like Google Drive or DropBox and call it from there.