How do you make a form that posts to the page?

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How do I make something where people can type into an input box and hit post and it will show up on my site?
I will be making a website where I want people to be able to type into a box or something and hit post and it will post it on the page.
(html code I assume I'm looking for)

Maybe also if it was set up like this it would be perfect:

To:(where you type)

From:(where you type)

Message:(where you type(bigger area))

(post button)

Thanks for your help :D
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  • just.. nothing yet

Posted 10 years ago

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Oh , there are tons.!
If you'd like to have a commenting system, use ww w. Html comment box . C om (without spaces). In their home page , there is a html code to grab and put in yola.

If you'd like to have a form that should arrive ur inbox , ww w. Emailme form . C om is a good place.

There are no currently method to publish blog posts to the yolasite directly, but blogger and wordpress have.

If you like to try examples ,

hope these helps.
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Hello Chris

Right now Yola does not have its own comments widget. You can add a comment box by utilizing of one these two services:

Disqus Comment Box:

1. To get the comment code, your site needs to be published.
2. Please go to []( and register for an account by clicking on "Sign up, free".
3. Register your site in the blue box. Enter your site URL, site name and site short name.
4. Create your Disqus Profile in the green box. Enter your username, password, and email address.
5. Click on continue.
6. Choose your language and any other optional features you'd like to include with your commenting platform. Then click on continue.
7. In the "Choose Install Instructions" box, click on Yola/Synthasite.
8. Copy the code in the #2 box.
9. Go back to Sitebuilder and drag over the HTML Widget and paste the code into the box. Then click on Done.
10. When you preview your site, you may see this message: "This page could not be reached by Disqus. If you are testing locally or on a password-protected page, please use the disqus_developer parameter as detailed here.." - please don't worry about that. You just need to republish your site and you will see the comment box working on your published site.

Another alternative is to use HTML Comment Box as Ayesh has suggested. Here are more detailed steps if you need them:

1. First log into your Google account. If you do not have one, then you can create a free Google account here.
2. Please go the HTML Comment Box.
3. In the blue box, you will need to click on "Log in" - this will give you your moderation tools. You will be taken to your Google email account. Enter your login information. Once completed you will be taken back to the HTML Comment box site.
4. Please select the options you want available (which is found in the blue box). Then, copy the code you see in the green box.
5. Go to your Sitebuilder, drag over a HTML Widget and paste in the code.
6. Save and republish your site.