How much should companies pay to advertise on your site?

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I've had several companies approach me asking how much it would cost to advetise on my site. How much should I charge them? Is it normal to do it for the year, or just a one off payment for ever? I charged an insurance comparision site a £50 one off payment and they bit my hand off. Don't want to sound too greedy but now I think I could have asked for more. Ive someone wanting to add thir product in some editorial and someone else wanting to add graphics ... what ball park figure should I be thinking of?
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Hi there Chuck,

The amount you would charge people to advertise on your site would be linked to how many unique visitors you get on your site. Obviously the more unique visitors, the more you can charge.

Unfortunately I can't give you an amount you could charge for advertising on your site but a way you could work it out is by working out the number of impressions the Advertisement would get (the number of times it would be shown which would be the number of visits your site gets) and then give it a CPM (Cost per Thousand).
I believe smaller websites have a CPM of about $2-$5 so for every thousand impressions the user would pay say $2. So if you got 10000 visits a month you would charge $20 a month for the advert.

This amount varies site by site and topic but it is a handy way of working out your advertising cost. If you think your site is worth a bit more you could charge $5-10 or more... per 1000. It is really up to you.

I hope this helps as a way to work out how much you can charge. Maybe one of our other users can assist you further.

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I would give them purchase options... for example...

These amounts should be changed based on less or more traffic...

  • $19.95 per month for placement on 3 pages (not including pages in menu)
  • $30.00 per month for placement on 5 pages (not including pages in menu)
  • $4.95 one time charge for each page in menu
  • $9.95 one time charge for homepage (main landing page)

  • When doing this, I would put in your "agreement" that this "one-time" charge is for as long as they pay with recurring payments or payments back to back. If they wait 3 or more days after their ad is taken down to purchase another month, one time charges for menu pages are charged again.

  • $20.00 for custom created banners and ads (this is where YOU, the publisher of the website creates an advertisement for custom to their website)

  • These are just examples, if you get less than 10,000 pageviews a day and less than 1000 unique visitors per day, I would recommend lowering these prices. If you get more visitors than this, you can consider raising the prices.

    The best and most effective way is to charge per click but there's more maintenance involved plus some companies like the idea of paying one flat rate for the entire month.
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    and if you have a good integration (I think paypal may have the options?) I would consider allowing them to have 'recurring' payments.
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    Also, I prefer the web address and/or phone number to be directly on a banner because more customers / traffic can come about this way. I know, occassionally, if I see an advertisement which interests me, I don't always click on it right then and there, I'll go to the website or call the business at a later time, just jot down the website or phone number. I would recommend this to my advertising customers.
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    for 1000 viewers per month you should get $500 per company. I'm not referring to adsense. You can enter compay negotiations once get a certain amount of viewers per month. Viewers not views. So if its 100 viewers per week it should be $100 for each company per month.
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    Why for 1000 viewers you get .50 per viewer, and for 100 viewers you get 1.00 per viewer? If you have fewer viewers your entitled to earn more money per viewer?