How to add 120 free online games to your site in max 3 minutes (if your slow about it)

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I have finally decided to release my latest project, Instant Arcade (sorry, not hosted on Synthasite. Read below). Instant Arcade is just what it sounds like; put an arcade on your site in minutes without any of the work.


Is instant Arcade hosted on Synthasite
Unfortunately no. A project like this requires access to an FTP file manager (not to be confused with Synthasite's file manager which is not the same thing) and the ability to decompress large files.

How does it work?
Instant Arcade works with the power of frames and popups. To make Instant Arcade, I made a few pages that contain thumbnails of games. I put the pages in a navigation frame. And when you click on a thumbnail, a popup with the game of your choice opens.

What are it's features?
Instant Arcade features include: pagination, commenting system, rating system, Whos.Amung.Us, bookmarking (of the game page), fits in most webpages, pleasing to the eye and easy to use, etc...
More to come.

Is instant Arcade free?
Instant Arcade is free and will always be free.

Who created Instant Arcade?
Me (gamedemon) of course. It took just over a week to do, and is one of my largest (and favorite) projects.

Where did I get the idea for this?
Instant Arcade is an improvement on a similar service at

Why is Instant Arcade better than the Free Gaming version?
Free Gaming doesn't have any of the features listed above at all (with the exception of ease of use).

What do I (gamedemon) get for all of this?
I receive credit in the footer of the game-play popups and a banner ad under each game as is agreed to in the TOS I made for it.

Is registration required?
Yes. I would like to keep track of who uses Instant Arcade. This is not a mailing list. I will not spam you or give away your email address. If I ever contact you it would be to notify you of down time and maybe new games.

You can learn more by visiting the official site (template and everything was created by me) and reading the FAQ section.

Demo on Webmaster University
View the demo

PS: If you go to Game Demon Arcade lately you'll notice that it is no longer hosted on Synthasite. I love Synthasite, but I decided to run Game Demon Arcade on an arcade script and that is not possible with Synthasite.

I hope somebody finds this useful.
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Posted 10 years ago

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I am proud to announce new developments to Instant Arcade.

1. We have a new template. Cool huh?

2. I've spent the past week learning about widgets and how to make them. Here are a few of the widgets that i have created so far. Instant Arcade now has it's own place in widgetbox. You can check it out at Check out the Clearspring version at:

Google Gadgets: Check out the Google version by clicking here

3. I'm in the process of making social networking apps for sites like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, etc... But it's a challenge and I might have to come up with an ad-free version of my widget to do it.

4. Thoughts for the future. Instant Arcade is only version1.0. Instant Arcade version2.0 will hopefully have a lot more games, a cooler background, and more features. So stay tuned for that.

Thanks for stopping by,
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That was nice thanks for updating us.
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Great job. You're really getting creative! Good Luck!!!!!
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Thank you for your comments and interest.