How to HTML: Lesson 2, Formate) 11/19/2011 7:54 AM

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Hello, my name is Shawn. I'm already known on the forum to do events like code give away's.
Now I wan't to teach you all the HTML I know. This is lesson 2. Getting into the formate some more.

Please look back at the previous post,
lesson 1 to know a little more about this one.

Lesson 2, Formate:

You can't just put HTML Tags everywhere on the page. They have a formate that I name The InsideInsideOutsideOutside Formate.
Now this probable says nothing to you at the moment. But, Well, I named this formate The InsideInsideOutsideOutside Formate because all it
states, is that if the starting tag of an html tag is in the outside of all the html on that page. Then the ending tag will be on the outside too.

What is an HTML tag?

An HTML tag is an individual component of an HTML document.
It is the structure of HTML.

Exmaple of html tag:

<!-- This is the tags to make a link in html! -->
<a href="">Facebook</a>


Take a look at: <a href=""> there is <a which means
thats the start of a tag, and the tag name is A. Which the A tag is for links. But a start tag must end with either way so you can
add content inside the tag. As you can see, there is the word href in <a href=""> which
stand for Hypertext Reference
. This is the attributes. We will talk about attirbutes more in Lesson 4. Then, after href, it says =""
which thats what href will equal too.

Last we need to find the ending tag in the code: Facebook</a>.

First of all what do you think the word Facebook is for? Its the link texts.
This is the text you will click and will end up in

Do you get it?
If not, ask as many questions as you want!

Back to Formate

Formate is very easy but can get complicated if you are making a large HTML code.

Just remeber:


Please note that this is not showing how the formate would look.

This is how it would look:


Meaning all the Outsides are outside and Insides are Inside

This is How it would look (in HTML):

Outside>>> <i> Inside>>> <b></b> << <<

Lesson Quiz

1. Which formate is right

A. <b><i>Hi</b></i>
B. <b><i>Hi</i></b>
C. <i><div>Hi</i></div>
D. <a href="#"><div><a>Hi</div></a></a>

2. HTML Formate is not important

A. True
B. False


Best Regards,

Next Lesson will be on next saturday. About the HTML tags and get more into detail on that
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  • hoping everyone goes on my post and likes it

Posted 9 years ago

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This is great Shawn! Thanks for sharing! :)
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Thanks, Justin.
I thought giving tutorials here on the forum would be very useful for many of you guys.

Best Regards,
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Thank's Shawn, Very useful. :)
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Your Welcome.

Best Regards,