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Hey there Yola Team!
I hope you guys had a great Christmas Break!

I asked you guys some questions on this topic:

And since the help I request from you now is quite a differrent category than a while ago, I decided to start a new topic.
Alright, let's hope you guys can help me out a bit here.

I purchased a domain named "" in combination with a Yola Silver subscribtion at Yola on 2010-10-25. It expired on 2011-10-25. I was too late to extend my domain. When I found out that my website was unreachable (kind of late, my bad :( ), I directly extended my Yola Silver subscription.

When I did, my website was still unreachable. That's why I started the previous topic. You guys told me that my domain is currently in the redemption period and should be available for repurchase in a few days. Later on, it turned out it wasn't a few days, but it would actually take months before my domain would be available.

I decided to buy a new domain at
I bought a domain called "" and wanted to publish my website on this domain. So I tried the "Transfer domain to Yola" option, resulting in the following error:

"The domain you entered is unavailable to transfer. Please ensure you typed it correctly, check the restrictions listed on this page, and contact your current registrar to resolve any issues."

I expected the error was due to the fact that "Your domain needs to have been registered for more than 60 days for it to be eligible for a transfer"

I asked HostingXS why it is necessary to wait 2 months before my website could be in the air (And could take up to 12 days for my domain to be transferred). They had no idea what I was talking about, and advised me that I could host my website directly, without any problems or waiting, on HostingXS on the "" domain.

Since I bought a Yola Silver Subscribtion for like 43 euro's, AND a new domain from, and both not resulting in my website being reachable, I decided it would indeed be a good idea to host my website on a different hosting service.

I would like some more information on how to do that.

Thank you very much in advance!
Wouter van Weert.
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Wouter van Weert

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  • hoping there will be a sollution shortly

Posted 8 years ago

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Hello Wouter,

What is it that you wish to do? I suggest that you summarise this.
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Andi North, Mangopear Media

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Hello Wouter van Weert,

You can not simply host your website elsewhere online, as you would not have the Yola Sitebuilder tools. You also can not transfer any domain that you purchased less than 60 days before - this is the same for all domains and not just from that particular domain provider. It can also take upto 12 days for some domains to transfer but it is usually much quicker than that - it can sometimes only take a couple of hours.

You have a few options available to you.

1. Set up some A Name records for your newly purchased domain ( using your Domain Registrar. You will need to contact them to sort this out. You can usually do this straight after purchasing the domain. If you would like to do this, look at this page:

2. Register a new domain with Your existing Yola Silver accont
3. Wait for your domains to become ready to be re-registered or transferred.

I would recommend option 1. It is actually quite simple to do and would mean that you keep the domain and would not have to re-register if you did not want to. But, it would also allow you to keep your website hosted with Yola and continue using their Sitebuilder tools.

Hope this helps, if you need anymore support just let me know!

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Hello Wouter van Weert

Andi North has given a very good and detailed answer (thanky you, Andi).
If you still have questions or issues, please let us know on this thread. Thanks!
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Wouter van Weert

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Hey Andi, thanks for your detailed answer!

Stefan, I have another question for you if that's okay.

I really want my old domain back. The domain called "" has already been printed on flyers and other ads. I heard there was a way to get the domain out of "quarantine" and put in some sort of "monetary"-section? I was told that I should ask my hosting provider about that. I think that would be you guys?

Or maybe contacting the hosting provider that you guys use? It's taking really long before my domain is finally available for repurchase again :( maybe that would speed up the process? Would make me a happy man!

Thanks in advance!
Wouter van Weert
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Hi Wouter,

Yola does not offer the facility to access your domain from a monetary-section. Unfortunately you will have to wait until your domain is available for resale before you can purchase it again.

We now offer auto-renewals so when you purchase your domain you will be opted-in to auto-renew. This option is beneficial as your domain will be renewed seamlessly, and you will not have to be concerned that you might miss another expiry. You can opt-out of auto-renewal if you prefer.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this.