How to wrap text around a picture located in a text widget

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I need help with wrapping text around a picture located in a text widget. I had NO issues before YOLA added this new version of the text widget. ( tried to add a pic (which I was able to do on both), and I can resize them. But no where does the section show with the three little boxes that let you choose how you want the text justified. Can anyone help... this JUST occurred since the new text widget was added. I am guessing this is a common problem, but surprised when I didn't see any recent questions regarding this
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Chris,

The new text widget does allow you to wrap text around images. You should see the following controls with the options to float images left or right:

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Thanks for the info...
I see this is in the "new" text widget.
When I put the words into this widget; NOW I don't see any place to edit the text itself.
The "old" text widget had icons that you could click to edit text color, size, font, etc... no such Icons on this 'new' bar...
I DO see a little palet on the right side, and I know it edits stuff on the whole site, but can't find a place to just edit certain words or sentences.
OH here is the link you can see what I am doing
You'll see a picture with really small text.... under that you'll the same picture with the text, font, etc that I want.
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Hi Chris

I am glad you can locate the text wrapping feature on the new text widget.

You are correct that you can style your text using the palette icon on the far right of the toolbar. This will open up the Style Designer where you can can set the properties (text color, font, size) of your paragraph, link and header text. When you create a link, add a header or enter paragraph text it will automatically inherit the properties you set in the Style Designer.

So in the example you provided: You would set the paragraph text to have the attributes you want in the Style Designer and it will be automatically applied in the text widget.

I hope that makes sense - let us know if you have any difficulty with this.
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Thanks for the info....
I wasn't aware these little palette things didn't apply to the entire web site
I know I changed some on one page, and it changed everything on the site.
Is there a tutorial someplace so I can get educated enough to know how to understand and use this easily.

Couple more questions. I assume anything built in the past with the "old" text widget would have to edited that way OR you'll have to add the new text widget and do a total copy / paste to edit it with the new widget.

Also I am having a few issues with a page created by the old widget since the new widget was introduced.

Also in pages ALL over my web site the SIZE of the text seemed to change on it's own (These examples I'll show I did not edit) It seems to be ONLY links that changed size.
ON these pages are just a few examples. You'' see many examples at the bottom of each persons bio.
this page the bottom 1/2 of it just disappeared.

You can see the issues I am having,.. needless to say I haven't been able to check every page yet.
THANKS for any more help you can provide
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OK.. I'm back to my previous question.
IF I used the new text widget, and change the text for the links, it changes the size ALL OVER the entire site.
Still found NO way to change JUST the text inside that single widget.
As you can see these text size, font, etc is totally different on these two pages

The top ink is made with the OLD widget, and what I need to duplicate.

NO doubt I want the pages to be 100% consistent through out the site.
SO I seriously need some help, and I appreciate what you all have done so far.
I'd 'prefer' to just continue to use the "old" text widget from now on. Is that possible to do, AND be able to make the new pages I need to make look like the old pages I have already made.

OH - ALSO You'll notice I want to make the "name" of the person (on the old page) is in orange and their B Day is in green. I NEED to be able to do the same thing on all future new pages.
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Hello Chris

I had a look at your website in your Yola Sitebuilder. To get a consistent design for your existing website will probably be a bit of a challenge and work to do.

When I compared the formatting of the text in the Text Widgets of the two pages you posted, I could see that the text of the "car owners" page was completely formatted as a fourth heading (h4). This is why the text looked different from your "crew chiefs" page where the text is formatted normally as paragraph text.

I created a duplicate of both pages and added "test" to the page name. These test pages are not in your navigation and I haven't republished your site. You can delete those pages at any time or rather save them as your new real pages after you have edited them.

I managed to remove the formatting of the Text Widgets on both pages, and now they look the same way. Your next step will be to go into the Text Widgets and make parts of the text a heading while leaving the rest as paragraph text. Then go to the Style Designer and edit the properties of your headings and paragraph text.

If you'd like to add different font colours to the first few words of your texts, I'd suggest that you use the new Text Widget and define the orange and green word groups as headings in order to set their colour properties (and others) in the Style Designer. It may be your best bet because search engines pay special attention to headings. I'd also recommend to divide longer texts into multiple Text Widgets. This will allow you to layout the distances between them more conveniently by using the margin feature of the widgets.

Unfortunately there is currently no convenient way to remove formatting from existing Text Widgets. Although there is a "Remove formatting" icon in both the new and the old Text Widgets", it doesn't function 100% yet and needs a fix. The easiest option for you (if you're not familiar with HTML code which you could manually edit in the old Text Widget) may be to review all Text Widgets of your website. You can copy their content to a programme like Text Editor in order to remove their HTML formatting. Then you can paste them into a new Text Widget and re-add the pictures. Another online tool to remove HTML tags is I'm afraid that after you have stripped the HTML and pasted the text into a new Text Widget, you will need to re-format it in the Sitebuilder using the Text Editing Toolbar and Style Designer, but this is currently the safest and best way to get the text design you want.

I hope you won't find this too complicated. If you have any questions, please let me know.
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HI Stefan... Thanks for the reply.
I'm still having issues,.. so it'll be easiest to go down your answer and cover each thing.
You are correct; in the old widget, it auto defaulted to paragraph so that's what I used for everything, then just changed the font and text size. Very simple.
When I tried to use the NEW text widget,.. if I used paragraph, the text size came out very small like the one on the example you saw. The only way I could get the text size to change was to change from paragraph to the h4 heading.

I found the new 'test" page you added.... not sure if you used the old or new widget. In any event the text was small and I got it changed to the correct size with the widgets (didn't change and heading or anything.)
I see ALL the text merged together, but I can separate it also with no problems.
HOWEVER I am NOT able to add a picture. I put the curser where I want to add a pic, click the proper icon, and the task bar just disappears entirely. I can do ANYTHING else to the text, but when I click on the picture icon the bar disappears, and the site never opens the pop-up box asking me to upload a new pic, or to choose from one already on the site.... so that's a MAJOR issue.

Now as far as using that new text widget, I really don't have much idea of how to use it properly. Before just sticking this thing on our web site, YOLA should of thought about having some sort of tutorial so we could go and see what each items was, what it did, and what part of the page it effects. I'm sure you'll agree it just makes sense. AND they should of left the old text widget alone so it worked the same as before. I've always been THRILLED with this web site, so I'm kind of a believer of "don't fix what ain't broke"

Now as far as adding color to text, every time I tried to add color, it didn't let me highlight certain words and change the color ONLY on them. I CAN do it on the 'test' page you created, so I assume it is the old text widget. Like I said I just can't add pics with it. (You'll remember the one pic at the top was originally there.

Now as far as knowing HTML I do know how to use it somewhat.
As far as reviewing all the text widgets on the site... this page I am having problems with is the "First and only" page I have made since the new widget was introduced if I'm not mistaken. I had problems right off the bat, and have stopped to prevent what you said (having to go back and redo a lot of pages.)

As far as adding text on new pages such as this, I generally type all the info into something like "notepad" and when I get it all done, copy and paste it into a widget here. I was told to do this a few years back to avoid any possible "conflicts".
I appreciate your help, but it appears I have a way to go before I know what I need to go. Basically the 'test' page you created works perfect EXCEPT for it won't let me add pictures.
OH, If you go back to the test page you created, you'll see where I was able to change the text size, and font. also added color to look like I want.
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I spent several hours fidgeting around with this new text widget.
(Still think if the old text widget would let you upload pics it would be better - LOL)
Anyway. This is what I am wanting

THIS is the best I have been able to do with the new text widget

As you can see I have the text right,.. and the pics got loaded. However I DO really need to be able to make the person name (In orange) - and their birthday (in green) on it. ALL the previous pages I have done have that look and I need to make them all the same (having the colors IMO is necessary to keep it from all running together.)
SO get me all set up with that and I am good to go
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I found the wrap was not as good as expected. It is far too horrible to keep going with trial or error and size eveything to make it look presentable.

Too much time has to be spent trying to get our final result or looking good enough to go public and most of us dont have that time to spare.

Hi Chris.. just viewed your link and if I may add a little idea to tidy the text up by splitting the page in two and using a font thats not too bold or thick.

keep going though ..
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Hello Chris

Are you using Google Chrome by any chance? We're working on error fixes for the new Text Widget using Chrome. Inserting pictures into the Text Widget works fine for me in Firefox.

What you mention about the properties of the paragraph font when using the new Text Widget sounds like the Style Designer and its options may still be quite new to you. You can set all possible properties of your paragraph font in the Style Designer. If the font displays too small, you can select a larger font size. You will be able to do this under "Fonts" and then "Paragraph" in the Style Designer.

As I said, you can format the name and the birth date in different font colours if you format this text as headings and set their properties in the Style Designer.

If you find that it's too much work to re-design all your pages by using the new Text Widget, staying with the old Text Widget may be your best bet at the moment where you can edit everything as you used to do.
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Actually I was using Internet explorer with all these issues. I tried FireFox with the same results.
I DID start using Google and find I ave had some issues get better.

HERE is my main problem, and it still involves the NEW Text widget.
As you said I can changed the style, font size, color, etc all in the paragraph deal.
However when you open that little palette and make changes it changes EVERYTHING. So if I want a few words to be larger text, I can not signify which words I want to make bold, or change text size or color I don't see where it even offers that option. It's either all or nothing.
Now I think you are trying to tell me I CAN do this by doing somethings with heading,.. but what I am not hearing is HOW to do this.
They threw out a new widget, but not instructions on how to use it. I searched and ask on a couple occasions for a tutorial on how to make this new text widget work, and so far I haven't found or heard anything. (not being hostile, so don't take it that way).

CURRENTLY to get the results (close) to what I want... I have to do this: It's a long time consuming and tedious 'work around'
Anyway I have to open the new text widget and put in the text.
THEN add what pics I want and in the proper locations.
Following that I have to open the OLD text widget and copy/paste everything in the new widget into the OLD widget. Then I can edit the wording, color, etc.
PROBLEM is; when I need to add a new pic, I have to go in and open a NEW text widget,.. again copy/paste everything (this time from old widget into new one) add what new text and pics I want -- the again I have to make a OLD widget and copy/paste it all back to the old widget from the new one.
I'm sure you'll agree this is not the best way to go about this.

IMO until some type of tutorial is posted so people can read and then trial/ error how to optimize the use of this new text widget - it's going to cause LOTS of confusion with folks using it; and repetitive questions for you folks.
I DO appreciate every thing you folks do to try and help. And wanted to state what some of us see so any bugs can be fixed, and a way can be made to help all of us.
Thanks to all of you helpers.
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Hi Chris,

When using the new text widget, size, color, font type, etc. are not controlled in the Text Widget, they are controlled in the Style Designer. You are correct that to have different sizes of text, you need to set up each text type in the Style Designer. We have detailed this in tutorials, blog posts, eBooks and even in bi-monthly webinars.

We will continue to actively educate our members on our developments including the new text widget, but our documentation focus on the Style Designer is intentional.

Your work around does sound arduous and I hope you find that by going over the information linked above you'll find that taking the time to set up your font types will eventually make things much simpler for you.
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Thanks for the info on where to find the tutorials... I've mentioned it twice before I'd like to know where to find them,.. you are the first one to reply to that question.