I need help fast! How do I write TM or "c" on my name? at the top

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how do I write TM on my website name? like at the top of other names I've seen?
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Proper_way

I did mine in my banner oddly enough with Microsoft Publisher. I inserted all my images into a collage of artwork and then added the text over the top.


While in the text box within Microsoft Publisher:

1) Click "Insert" in the top toolbar
2) Then click "Symbol"
3) Then click the "Special Characters" tab
4) Then select the special character you need.

It will insert it at the place your cursor was.

Publisher is way easy and most computers have it in their list of programs.

If you can wait several days I will have a complete list of all the styles with banners so that anyone can simply copy a blank border and insert it into a publishing program, ad their images, text and graphics and make their own.

There are dozens of styles with banners so this will take me some time. ;)

I have already done one for another member. Here is what I shared with them if you wish to use the same "SWANKY" style they have.
This may be long and drawn out but it will create exactly the look you wish to achieve.

This will only work for the style called "Swanky" as the banner border image I have created below is sized to Swanky and none other. ( I will create a new page soon on my site with all the banner borders so that anyone may do this with a banner)

1) Right click on the border image below and click on "Open Link in new tab"
2) In the new tab you will see the image enlarged. Right click then click "Save image as"
3) Select location to save the image and "Save"
4) Open Microsoft Publisher
5) Select "Blank Publication"
6) Select "Full Page"
7) Click "File"
8) Click "Page Setup"
9) The page setup box will appear and in the Orientation section click the dot next to "Landscape" then click "Ok"
10) In the toolbar click "Insert" then "Picture" then "From file" then locate the banner image you just saved and click "Insert"
11) Insert any images, graphics or text inside the black border (Make it look as you wish your banner to appear) *******(SEE THE TOP MINI TUTORIAL)*******
12) In the toolbar click "File" then "Save as"
13) In the (Save as) pop up box and in the (Save as type) drop down menu select "GIF"
14) In the Resolution section click the "Change" button
15) In the (Change resolution) pop up box tick "Commercial Printing (300dpi)" then click "Ok"
16) Name your image then click "Save"
17) Open the folder which contains the saved image
18) Right click on the image in the folder
19) Click "Open with"
20) Click "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" (you may use any editor program you have but as this is on most computers I have included the tutorial)

You will see your newly created banner with a lot of white space around it

20) In the upper toolbar click "Edit picture"
21) In the right side toolbar that appears click "Crop"
22) Drag the Bold lines until they are near the border frame (do this for all four side)
23) In the upper toolbar adjust the drop down to "150%"
24) On all four sides of the banner drag the Bold adjuster lines till all of the black border has disappeared (Don't take too much as the inner black border edges are the outer banner edges of the site style)

Once all the black border has been cropped out then

25) Click on "Edit Picture" once more
26) In the right side tool bar click "Resize"
27) Click the circle before "Custom width and height"
28) In the first box place 900 and in the second place 261
29) Click "Ok"
30) Click "File" then "Save"

If you followed these steps then once you upload your banner to your file manager your banner will appear exactly as you had within the black frame without distortion.

Happy site building
Ed aka Santa

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There may be a very quick way - sorry Ed
Playing around, I noticed it is possible to place some HTML in your
heading. eg. Changing heading colours, Scrolling heading...etc.
Use with extreme caution!! This never came from me. Try on a test page 1st.

Try this:
YourSiteName <sup> TM </sup>
YourSiteName <sup> c </sup>

Leave out the <!-- and the --> at the beginning and end.
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Hey thanks Boomer

As a rule myself, I don't share code as it can so often lead to your webpage going poof and vanish with a heartfelt sigh...

I wish to caution others out there that any snippet of code you find and insert into your site can make that page receive some nasty messages about invalid code. Sadly the end result may be that you will have to delete that page and start over again.

With that said, if you do any code placement that you are unsure about always do this on a testy page.

Just had to share the caution ;)

Happy SAFE site building ;)
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Have these two wonderful gentlemen answered your question?
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Ho Ho Ho

I've got my eyes on those two... ;)