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I'd like to see some changes to the SiteBuilder picture widget - it is currently very basic!. These include:

a. Being able to chose a frame style (colour/thickness/etc) for a photo/picture;

b. Be able in insert a title to be displayed below or above the photo, including ability to edit the font style/size/colour - this can be done easily in FREE GoogleBlog so why not in the PAID SiteBuilder; and

c. ability to have a double-click expansion on the photo/picture. I know that can be done if the picture in originally a thumbnail, e.g. as when using the picture gallery, but I need my pictures to be embedded in a web page larger than a thumbnail.

I suspect/know that there are work-arounds using html code for all of these but not everyone has the necessary knowledge/skills and it is time consuming and can be liable to errors too .

Far better to have these abilities embedded in the widget for easy use, especially given that we pay an-ongoing subscription for the SiteBuilder package.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Rob

Great suggestions! One of the features we would like to work on soon is our Picture Widget and the features you have requested are along the lines of ones we are already considering. It helps to know that these are customer needs so we will definitely take your requests into account as we work on the Picture Widget and other image editing features within Yola.
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Rob White

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Well, that is great news - I (and I am sure many other users) look forward to the development of the new and improved picture widget.

Thanks again
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There are tons of site that do all those things you mentioned to picture and a whole lot more.

Such as:

Yola's site builder will upload any picture with the changes you make to it too.

I hope this helps anyone who may be this having picture issues.

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Rob White

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I've only just seen this reply - many thanks Jane.

But it would still be great if the functions were embedded in SiteBuilder
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I was encouraged by the reply to my original request for an enhanced picture widget. Alas nothing has happened. In fact, very little development of the SiteBuilder package has taken place apart from a few cosmetic changes. This is far from satisfactory given the relatively high annual charge to use the application. Yola, you keep taking our money - please improve your product.
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Hello Rob,

Have you had a chance to use our integrated photo editing widget - Aviary? This makes the editing process simple and easy! Please follow these steps to edit your pictures:

  • On the picture that you wish to edit, click "Edit" on the top-left corner of your Picture widget. A dialog box will open up. Click the "Edit With Aviary" button and you will go through to the photo editing dialog box.


  • Locate your image in the File Manager. Hover over the image and click on the "pencil" icon at the bottom left corner of your image. Alternatively, you can right-click on the picture and select "Edit with Aviary". Both options will take you through to the photo editing dialog box.

Once Aviary is open, use their picture editing tools to adjust your image. You can choose to crop, color, resize, etc. When you've finished editing your picture in Aviary, click "Apply". Then, click the "Save" button and this will replace your original image in your File Manager.

There is also a possibility to create clickable thumbnails on your site. In order to do so, please follow these steps.
  1. Upload the thumbnails (these are the small versions of your pictures) and the corresponding full-sized photos into the File Manager.
  2. Drag and drop a text widget on to your page and add the thumbnails by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon in the Text Editing toolbar (the one with the green tree).
  3. Click on the "Add Page" button. Name it something logical like "photo1" and be sure that the "Show in Navigation" box is NOT checked. Your new and empty page will load up ready for you to add the corresponding photograph.
  4. To make the thumbnail link to the full sized image, click on "choose a link" in the "Properties" sidebar and the link editor will open up. It will allow you to create a link to the relevant page. Browse for the page you want and click "Ok".
  5. Save and Update your site so that your changes will be reflected on your live site.

Alternatively, you could use Flickr Lightbox. The Flickr Lightbox widget allows you to quickly and easily create a slick photo gallery with thumbnails that link to the larger images in your Flickr photostream. For more information on adding Flickr to your site, please click on this link: Flickr galleries.

I hope this helps, Rob!