If you like it and enough people request it I will do a tutorial on how to implement a 360 degree rotating product viewer for your website... A Honey Bear Playhomes question...

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So I'm usually not one to take the easy road and this is no exception. I was looking for a way to showcase the crab pots on my new website in such a way that hadn't been done by any of the other companies and I wanted to take a little survey as to weather or not enough people wanted to see a step by step tutorial included in my tips thread.

I found this totally awesome 360 degree flash image rotation company and after some shuffling and a little help with double checking my code from the wonderful tech support at http://webrotate360.com/ was able to make it work on a Yola site.

The tutorial with images will take I would imagine 5+ hours to fully document and as that is 5+ hours that I could be doing something else I wanted to firstly see if this thread got any traction and enough people wanted to find out how to embed it in their site without going through the learning curve that I did. (The entire set up with building a stand, product review (learning) and implementation on my site took over a half day)

So take a look at my new site and click on the images of the crab traps to see the "360 Crab Pot Viewer" in action http://www.crabpotwarehouse.com/

This would be perfect for showcasing little to medium products and using the light box technique in the Yola blog but for an item as big as a crab pot it is a pain the backside.

All it takes is a camera stand (LOL all I had was a step ladder and a couple of clamps holding the camera so you can get away without if you must), a camera, a turntable to set 36 marks on to indicate 360 degrees of view and heavy use of GIMP...

Mind you, my crab pots are not so small that they can be done on the ordinary kitchen table and seem at times to be jerky. The pots/traps are not symmetrical and are as I found out rather difficult to stabilize. Yours I would imagine are small enough that they can be done on a dining table lazy Susan turntable... ;)

It isn't for the faint of heart so to speak and if those who say "Aye" are willing to learn then I would be happy to add it to my tips thread.

Keep this thread active for the next 5 days so that I can make up my mind and if at the end of the five days enough people want it then I will then I'll do it...

Happy site building

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Wow.. this is quite impressive! I can't imagine where you find the time to accomplish all this stuff! Kudos to you!
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Wow, I never knew that's how the 360 degree things are made. Like on the iPhone 360 degree view thing, it shows a 360 degree view just like you did with yours. Here's what I mean: http://www.apple.com/iphone/gallery/ (You will need to click on the "360" at the bottom to see) I always thought it was just a script that did it all, but now I see how they do it once you posted this. They simply took a bunch of different images so you can turn it in a 360 degree view. (It is quite impossible for a script to do a 3D view without different images!)

Good job on yours! They look really good :) I also can't imagine how you find the time to do this stuff!

Also I really like how those little information dots pop up on certain parts of the 360 degree image viewer.

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Thanks guys... Truth be told, I have spent the last few weeks mostly in bed and pretty useless as a whole. That is where the time came from... ;)

It's a shame as not even one person has said that they want a cool way to showcase their products in true 360 Degree splendor. Oh well maybe I won't write the tut after all...