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Some suggestions ...

1. When using 'insert image' using the image placement from toolbar, one is now unable to resize the image - previously we could 'drag' on handles and it would show the dimensions of the image whilst we were dragging, and was easy to do. Now is difficult and have to remember the coding to go into html and alter.... But this is a trial and error thing as sometimes the size is not quite right and have to do again.
Please .... is it possible to bring back the 'dragging' of the handles, with sizing, round the picture, like before?

2. When using picture widget to alter size etc, one then uses Picnic, which is great,, but would be really nice to have an image resizing option when one clicks on the edit of the picture being used (ie where we link and centre it).

3. When previewing, we get a wide (depth) black line going across bottom of page from the phone on left to the right. Can this be deleted (or at least made a lot thinner) as cannot see bottom part of website, and need to put in extra text boxes at bottom to lift page up to see if ok, and then go back and delete the text boxes before uploading. ?

4. Love the horizontal line, is it poss to ask for a vertical one also?

5.. When linking to other pages/web sites etc, we cannot choose an option for a new page. Can Yola also give us an option to select 'self' , 'blank' etc at the same time? This then saves having to go into html to do this. Especially for new people who do not know how.

Is it possible perhaps to do? and wondered if others are also thinking on above also?
Thanks JC
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Posted 8 years ago

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Thank you for your suggestions. I am going to respond to the best of my ability on some of them and pass on the rest for consideration:

1) The resize handles are available in some browsers but not others. Firefox has them but IE does not. This is a browser limitation, but we have not made any changes to this feature from our side.

3) It should be possible to scroll down and see your full page even with the black bar. If this is not the case for you please let us know.

2, 4 and 5) Will pass these requests on for consideration.
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Monique, thanks for your reply. Must have been tired, as normally try in a couple of browsers. Yes, thanks for the sizing reply. Am using Chrome as find it faster than Firefox. So shall 'swap' around if need be. Thank you for passing on the other questions I asked for consideration. Appreciate.
By the way, the thick black line along bottom - similar to a wide footer - still appears the whole way across. I did notice that another person actually posted a message saying the same - so not just happening to me. Tried different browsers this time but does it in all.
Great work being done by Yola in upgrading what it offers. Amazing all the new bits and pieces we are now able to use. Thank you again. JC