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If anyone--newbie or seasoned veteran--wants to post a little introduction, I think it would be nice to get to know each other a little.

I'm Jean and am new here, but not really new. I have been posting as Margie, a client whose site I built. I have now turned that over and am in the process of building several sites on my account for a business and a product of ours.

I live in southwest Montana, USA (think Yellowstone Park) and am happy to have found Yola. From my experience with various web hosts over the years, Yola's support is unsurpassed. There are also many very helpful forum members who go above and beyond to help others.
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Posted 10 years ago

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Hi Jean,

Thank you for bringing up this idea, what a fun way to get to know the Yola Community a bit more!

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Mmmm... farewell Margie and hello Jean. Pleased to meet you.
Which one of you is the Sheltie loving lady with natural gray highlights?
Just curious ;-)
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Good to re-meet you Jean....I sell products on my site also....Are you a manufacturer?

Of course now we will all want to see your own site....We are a voyeuristic lot indeed....Especially that Boomer guy.
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Voyeuristic hey? Ok, now it's war. And to think I was trying to hold back on the dead tree thing there for a while. How did you get to know that about me anyway ;-)
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Definitely some gray mixed in there, Boomer. :) And yes, Iove Shelties, but now have no dogs. We do have five cats thought. Don't get me started on how much I love them or I'll never shut up.

John, we make handcrafted kitchenwares and a food-safe wood finish. We retail, wholesale and distribute. I'm still looking at ways for all of that to work with Yola.

But, wait a minute. I thought you were all going to post something about yourselves. Come on, guys, give a little. You too, Brianna.
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Hello Jean,
You got me! While I am a fairly new employee of Yola, I have been with the Synthasite community since it's beginnings. I built my first website with Synthasite in 2007. I am an avid outdoors person and love to hike, camp, backpack and canoe. I recently graduated college with a communications degree and a liberal arts minor. I live in the Midwest, in the United States, and have a very spunky Australian Cattle Mix dog named Rusty. In my spare time (very rare) I photograph weddings, engagements and family portraits. I greatly enjoy visiting markets and art shows. :)
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I found Yola through a search for a webhost and decided to add a couple of sites, so far. The important one, for me, is for my maintenace and construction company.

I deal with home improvement, janitorial, and landscaping, with a lot of others included. More or less being a handyman. "We Work To Beautify your Establishment"
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Hi SteveS
Thanks for the introduction. Your company sounds like the perfect fit for a Yola site. Would you mind sharing your site with us too? Wow, this is such an awesome way to get to know our users better! :)
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Hey Jean,

I'm John McCarthy
Like Steve I found Yola through a search engine.
I've never really looked back.
My hobbies include acting and graphics design.
After my GCSE's I plan to go to a Performing Arts College.
My main Yola site is
I'm loving the idea of this thread.
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I'm Callum Booth
I found Yola by search engine, I originally tried making a website to advertise some of the apps I've made, but it didn't really take off, so I moved on to making web-apps and still find Yola ideal for it, so far the only web-app I've made is Rapitweet. :)
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Hello Jean

Thank you for posting this! This is an awesome way to get to know each other on this forum and learning more about one another.

I hail from the good old True North of Canada :). I joined Yola back in 2008 (I think) and have been a Yola addict since then. If I have any spare time in between working and looking after my wonderful family, I like to tinker on my website (made with Yola, of course), read, scrapbook and dabble in photography.
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hi i am new to this community any body say which antivirus is best one
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Hello Michael,

Avast is the a most acknowledged at this time. Free or subscription.