Is php support and ftp access on its way to yola-ville?

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Something like C-Panel for yola?
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Posted 10 years ago

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Hello Blondie,

At this time I cannot say if this is something that will ever become a part of the Yola platform. Both php uploads and ftp access has been requested in the past as a feature request, and our engineers will surely take into consideration these types of features for future releases.

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Official Response
I should mention that FTP access is a more likely feature for us to consider than PHP support. Allowing people to execute PHP scripts from their site could cause all kinds of trouble, apparently. Our PHP developers go into 12 kinds of agony whenever this gets suggested. So FTP access - possibly, PHP support - don't hold your breath!

Keep in mind that Yola is still primarily targeted at people who don't know how to code, so while these more advanced features might be considered much further down the line, we still want to do a lot more work at improving our template and widget libraries for easy site creation.
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Thank you both for such nice replies...I've never felt so warm and fuzzy after being told "no". LOL! Thank you, though, really. And tell those PHP developers to relax... their PHP Cave is safe from the villages wielding torches it would seem. :)

Have a great day!
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Thank you for being so understanding about the answer.
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Well its really rediculous to have website limitations.. I believe it's because the Yola button wont be displayed on custom uploaded sites..

This is really fixable without using the frames.. the simple idea is all our websites end with the domain

if you go to you reach Yola already.. anyone interested in making a site.. would do that.. even if not familiar with yola before..

take this for consideration >>
Yahoomail >> >>> http://

They must end with domain names and yola already has her customers advertising yola themselves! because Yola is great!

Having FTP feature for wither free or premium users will only make Yola EVEN BETTER! the FTP for free users will increase customers moving their entire sites from other freeweb sites.. eventually moving to Yola will make Yola more demanded, favored, and famous.

Having FTP is like throwing a small fish to get the BIGGER FISH in the net.. it's a genius step from Marketting AND Free-web hosting service development.

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Hi Dinoraptor101,

As another Yola employee throwing their bit into this thread. I just want to say that we totally understand your points on offering FTP functionality, in fact, we probably agree with you wholeheartedly.

At the end of the day, the Yola site builder as it exists now is not the same one we started with. We are always looking to evolve and add to the site builder as our users tell us of their needs and as technology allows us to provide more.

With regards to FTP, I really think it has less to do with us worrying about losing advertising and a lot more to do with having a very long list of user needs that we want to meet, and only so many hours in a day for our engineers to work on those needs. Again, although it might not be at the top of the list, FTP is on it :)

Have a great day!
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Hi, actually, Yola can force the banner on the uploaded sites without making them end with Everybody doesn't want all there sites to have Some people like to have custom web addresses. Just saying, this wouldn't work. But, when you publish the site that you uploaded your self, Yola can set it up where it will force the banner code onto the page and they wont see it when they are editing the code. I have seen godaddy do this with the very annoying (iframe) banner ad all the way across the top of the pages on godaddy free hosting accounts.
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Will yola be eventually providing FTP or a way to access the root folder?

I know they dont provide such services for this at the moment but was wondering if this is something planned or not?

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Will yola be eventually providing FTP or a way to access the root folder?.
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Hi Justin,

Please see Monique's reply above as it is still relevant today.