Is there a way to work around the 777 permission to host a site on a non Yola server?

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When downloading a site from Yola, the zip file comes with a readme, which lists the requirements for the website to work on a non Yola server. One of them reads:

* Ensure that the "classes/work/templates_c" directory is writable by the web server.
(chmod 777 classes/work/templates_c on *nix boxes)

I've contacted a few hosting providers and they've all said that they do not provide this.. two of them said that they do support 750 or 644 permissions. are there any workarounds?

would you recommend any hosting providers that do support the 777 permission?

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Official Response

You don't actually need the full "777 permission" - all you need to do is make sure that the web server can write the directory.

If you want to understand more about these numbers, you can google for "unix permissions", although it's a bit technical. The summary is that the first number is how much permission the owner has, the second is how much permission the owner's fellow group-members have, and the third is how much permission everybody else has. 7 is the highest permission, so "777" means that everybody (owner, group and everybody else) has full permissions, which is why hosting providers are loth to allow this.

You should be fine with either 750 (or 755) or 644, as long as the directory is "owned" by the web server user. If it is, then the first number is the one that counts, and 6 or 7 is a high enough permission for our purposes. Ask your hosting provider to make sure that the classes/work/templates_c directory is owned by the webserver, and then you can use their default 750/644 permissions.

If you need any more explanation (or help translating what your hosting provider is telling you), let me know!

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