My site is behaving differently in Internet Explorer

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I have several questions about Internet Error, excuse me I mean Explorer...

1. I put a link for a small pop up window on my website, in firefox it works fine - brings up the SMALL window, in IE it brings up a whole window, not a small window... Why is this?
2. I put a flash code on my website, of course in firefox it works just fine, but in IE, nothing happens, doesn't work. What might be the reason for this?
3. My background is stable in IE sitting directly center of the page, but when the small vertical box in IE is up, (like if you want to search your history or you click on the star favorites icon or something - it comes up at the left side of the screen) the tables I have on my page are pushed over....Why is this?

There is more, but I will just stick with asking these things for now... Is it IE or do my IE settings have something to do with this, my codes, what? Help...
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  • so over IE...

Posted 10 years ago

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Sorry to hear you're having these frustrations.

Different browsers will sometimes render the same piece of code differently- this is why we strongly recommend Firefox. Internet Explorer sometimes proves quite problematic.

Could you tell me which version of Internet Explorer you are running, as well as the URL for you site so we can take a closer look.

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The codes are fine, else they probably wouldn't even show right in firefox... Not everyone has firefox so I just want safe codes for my site, all browsers can read and read correctly... I have the newest IE, what do I need to put around my table to make it stay put? Some kind of frame or something, other sites don't have an issue with their tables staying put, do I need a DIV or something around it... What's a safe code for tables, I can deal with all the other stuff, but I would like to know that and why my flash text won't show.

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We have a really easy code generator for tables if you want to give that a try. Not sure if you've been using it already. I'm wondering if the code it generates might be better for IE. Just to clarify, you are using IE8?

You can create a table using the table button in the HTML Helper.

Here are the steps to create your own table:

1) Go to HTML Helper. Click on the "Insert/Edit Table"button on the toolbar. (first button on third row of toolbar).
2) A popup window called "Table Properties" will appear. Customize your table to your specifications.

* Rows: in this field you specify how many rows do you want to have in your table .
* Columns: in this field you specify how many columns do you want your table to have.
* Headers: select if you would like a header for your table.
* Border size: sets the thickness of the tables border.
* Alignment: specifies the alignment of your table. You can set it to left, center or right.
* Width: sets the width of you table in pixels or percentage. E.g. if you choose 40 percent the table will take 40% of the editing area width.
* Cell spacing: specifies how thick will the cells border be.
* Cell padding: sets the height of the cell.
* Caption: specifies the title of your table. The title will appear in the top of the table.
* Summary: sets a comment on the table. The comment will not appear in the table. It is only for usage.

**Please Note** - Not all of the options are required to build a table. You have to fill only Rows and Columns. Rest of the fields are optional and you may use them depending on your needs.

3) Click on "OK" once done.
4) Now you can enter content into your table. When entering text into your tables fields, you will notice that the cell will "move" while entering text. To prevent this, you need to set the "width" (length) of your cell to be static and to text wrap.

Here's how to set this: Right click in the cell. Go cell --> cell properties

Now set the width of your cell. Remember the width for each cell needs to be less than the width of your whole table, so as to accommodate the other cells.

5) You can use the formatting options available on the 5th and 6th rows of the toolbar to format your content.
6) Once you are happy with your table and you now want to add it your page, click on "View/Edit HTML". This will display the HTML code of your table. Copy this code and paste it into an HTML Widget on your page. Please remember to copy all the HTML code.
7) If you would like to make changes to your table, simply copy the HTML code you pasted in the HTML Widget. In the HTML Helper, click on "View/Edit HTML". Paste the code, then click on "View/Edit HTML" again. Your HTML code will be displayed as a table again and you can make your necessary changes.
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Hi Yola_User,
A more browser friendly and more web "standard" way would be to use div's and style them with css, or better still using jQuery.
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You could also try ,

1. Clear your browser's cache.

2. Check your privacy settings. You must accept cookies from the Yola website.

3. Check that your browser is set to enable Javascript.
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LOL@YOLA changing my post's title... My original post title was>>> Is viewing your site in IE a Horror Movie? or... Yola so kindly changed it to what you see above... Interesting... o_0

Yola tables are too complicated, method needs to be simplified. As for the problem I will deal with it on my own as I always do.

Yola, please either remove this post or give it my title back - or remove my name from it, since it's no longer my thoughts but your own... OR At least tell me why the title has been changed.
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Post titles are used to search for relevant information by other users experiencing similar problems. Although you gave your post a clever title, it is highly unlikely that someone else will use the same phrasing when searching for help with problems they might experience in Internet Explorer. The moderator of this thread edited the title to improve searchability of the post. This is an advanced feature of Get Satisfaction which has proved extremely helpful in making sure that the content posted here has lasting value. However, if you are not satisfied with this explanation, please let me know and I will gladly remove the post.

It is true that Yola does not have it's own table generator and this would be a very useful feature for us to add. However, Dré has tried to provide you with a workaround. I am sorry that it didn't work out for you.