Is your sitebuilder loading slowly? Does switching from page to page in the sitebuilder got you doing the twiddle your thumb dance? This tip might speed things up... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

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A watched sitebuilder never loads... (Like the teapot... LOL okay well I thought that it was funny)

(Sorry, I swear I shared this one before but clearly I did not)

I happened upon this little sweetheart while getting upset at how long a page load was taking when I was switching pages in my sitebuilder. I just so happened to have a blank (empty) tab opened in my browser and after probably 1+ minutes of waiting for the page to load I clicked on that blank tab.

What do you know, within 2 (+/-) seconds the tab with the sitebuilder automatically showed that it was done loading the page. Clicking on the sitebuilder tab I was pleased to see that the page had indeed finally opened and that I could do my edit to move onto the next page.

Thinking that this couldn't be real or that easy, I did it again and what do you know... Super fast sitebuilder page load once again.

In my case, I have a great deal of flash content and creative coding that takes time to load. In your case, you might have a great deal of flash games, movies or content. Switching to a blank page allows for my/your computer to not need to display that opening code, flash or video and thus speeds up the process.

So, if your sitebuilder page loads are slow try this out...

1) Open a blank tab in your browser. (keep it blank)
2) Change pages in your drop down page list and automatically (after the pop-up asking to save your page if you haven't already saved yet) click on that blank tab in your browser.
3) Watch the sitebuilder tab and when it shows the little YOLA logo your tea is done... I mean your page load is finished... ;)

Pretty simple way to speed up those nail bitingly slow page loads.

Happy site building

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Wow!! That's so cool Honey Bear PlayHomes! I never knew you could do that!(but then, i've never had that problem).