Its time Yola's blog manager got improved!

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Dear Yola I have been using your services for years and I must say the one aspect of Yola which feels to have been rather ignored over the years has been the blog manager.

Now I understand that Yola is more than a blogging platform,in many ways Yola is almost a full CMS. However, this does not change the fact that as it stands many people use Yola for blogging, and frankly the blog manager on Yola sucks, sorry but its true.

I have in the past requested some improvements and they basically got shot down immediately, by your team. However, I think the following improvements would be pretty simple to achieve and would offer some serious functionality improvements to Yola as a whole.

Here is the list:

  • A larger visual & HTML work area, its far to confined

  • Post to your blog using email

  • Recent posts widget which can go on any page

  • Deeper integration with other services, especially Flickr

One last thing which would be brilliant:

Please make something like the Tumblr widget but links to our Yola blog (not Tumblr), which can displays a set (feature) image which we can apply to each post in the post manager. But if you make the (Tumblr-Like) widget only show a grid of images, when clicking on one we go to the related post, rather than opening the image as if it a gallery. This widget should function almost exactly the same as the current Tumblr one but be for OUR yola blogs and you can apply it to any page of site. - I am quite serious about this one I am currently trying to achieve this my self as I simply don't think Yola will ever do it. However I think it would be a really nice widget!

So something like this^
But for Yola Blog's.
And when you click on the tile it takes you to the blog post. Maybe include a small title for each tile which is the title of the blog post.

So we get something like this^

I hope Yola actually takes these ideas to heart, as they would be very useful to many Yola users.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Nice idea. Yola already has recent posts and categorizing so so I believe Yola has some database of posts (rather than making separate .php pages).

Recent blog posts everywhere is a very nice idea!
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They definitely have some of these features (too a degree) and (not as well designed as the Tumblr widget) but things like categorizing and recent post widgets are very limited and locked to the blog page.
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Does anybody know with the Tumblr widget. In Tumblr you can assign an image post with a link if you then click on that image it will open the assigned link. Why does Yola's Tumblr widget remove any hyper link associated with the image it imports. This is destroying what could potentially be an amazing feature.

See I am using IFTTT to automatically post a Photo Post of my latest Yola Blog post to Tumblr. This basically reads my Yola's RSS feed for new posts and takes the title of the post and the first image and automatically makes a Tumblr Photo post with this image and title.

Then in Tumblr if you click on the image it opens up the relating post on my Yola Blog.

Now I would like to use Yola's Tumblr widget to show a grid layout of my latest Tumblr posts, which are in-fact my latest Yola Posts. This will allow me to show my latest posts on any of my Yola sites pages and in a very nice manner.

However, my last problem, is that the Tumblr widget is really only a gallery widget. I think it would be great if Yola could do the following:

in the Tumblr widget - if you select the grid layout - you can select whether when you click on the image it displays a large version in a light box, or it will get the images assigned hyper-link assigned to it by Tumblr, and therefore if you click on it it simply opens that link.

- -
Edit: If you are interested in this I will be slowly implementing it into my site in the next few days, though I am not sure what to do about the Tumblr Widgets limitations. My site is:
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Hi Jeremy,

You are correct that the blog has not been our focus. It's still not at the top of our priorties, but I'll be sure to have our product and engineering teams check out your post.
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That's slightly disappointing to know, but I would appreciate it if some of your engineering team could look at this post and see what they make of my suggestion regarding the improvements especially regarding the Tumblr widget.

I am still very interested to know why the Tumblr Widget removes the link that is applied to the image when you originally post it on Tumblr. An option to re-enable this link would be great, as I posted in my last comment.