Java script Iframing blocker Problem

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Dear Sir,

I need your help, I added the following Javascript code to my yolasite to prevent anyone from iframing my website


But now i cant acces the website anymore from yolasite builder
i added this javascript code in beginning of the following pages and i cant access them anymore from yola ssitebuilder.
1- Main Page
2- /egyptian-satellite-channels.php
3- /egyptian-newpapers.php

I tried to disable Javascript so i can remove it from the begining of the above 3 pages but it said that yolasite builder requires Java script to work!

Please help me remove this javascript code fromthe top of the 3 pages mentioned above so i can access my yolssite buildr and edit it

Thanks alot in advance
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hello Ahmed

We've been in touch before with regard to problematic custom code which was added to your website.

I'm afraid that this time I'm not able to access your website in your Sitebuilder either. I'm sorry that we dont have capacity to sort out incorrect code, and that you will need to re-create your website from scratch.

If you add custom code, please make sure that you know what the code does. If you're not experienced enough with coding, I'd suggest to not work with custom code and rather use the other Sitebuilder tools to build your website.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for you at this stage.
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I solved it
Well here are the steps for anyone who faces the same problem
1- visit your index page from your browser and extract the source code then
2- Then Open your index page using Yola site builder but before the index page starts loading press stop on your browser and stop loading the page
3- open any other page from your yolssite that doesnt have this problem and can open normally in your sitebuilder
4- click on pages and open new page
5- copy paste the source code you got from step 1
6- make the required modifications to have the desired look and design of your index page
7- click on pages ----> Save page as "index" , yolasite will ask to overwrite the existing index page say yes and your problem is solved

BTW this is the 2nd or 3rd time to ask you to help me solve a problem but you never gave me an answer everytime i have to figure out how to solve it my self:)
Thanks anyways
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Your solution is very good and thank you very much for publishing your fix here. Well done and I'll be keeping a note of it for reference if it ever happens to me (.......again)

From many experienced users experience it really is a good practice to create a dummy website and test the trial code out on the index page of that site. If it crashes then there's nothing lost and if it succeeds then you can place your code in your active site. It's just a nice security procedure that takes the uncertainty out. The index page as you obviously know is the critical page of your site and if this crashes then there's a fair chance that you have lost your site.

Not all crashes will respond to an escape routine to inactivate the js blockade, so it's always good to be careful on this. I hate reconstructing a crashed site.
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One More thing to add to this thread

If that page you want to replace has other pages underneath it (sub-pages) make sure to create the new page first then link the sub-pages to it before you delete or replace the old one

In case of the Index Page you will have to remove the linked pages first from the index then relink them again as subpages

Be Careful ...once you delete a page you can never restore it, there is no "undo" in Yolasite builder.

Take care and i hope this might help anyone out there

And please Stefan Wagner, Before you tell anyone here to restart building their websiite from scratch, try to look for all possible solutions since deleting a website with lot of pages aint as easy as it sounds!

Speaking of experience , This is my 3rd time to ask for your help Mr. Stefan Wagner but you never helped me or gave me a solution! I am experience enough to add the codes i want and also if anything went wrong i solve it myself but seems that you are not experienced enough with yolasite to help us solve our problems.

I think my next step will be applying to Yolasite as customer support since i am already solving all the problems that they cant fix :)

Thanks again and take care.