Just to verify.. about sitemaps?

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Once we have our sitemaps okay'd (verified and a sitemap) with google...
do we have to chang our sitemap each time we update, that is even if
we have not changed anything?
I understand that when we make changes we have to, but if it is just a
daily updating ????
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Posted 10 years ago

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Hi Arafel,

Good question. The purpose of your sitemap (as far as Google is concerned) is to give them the URL address of every page of your website so it can be indexed.

Therefore, your sitemap file needs to be updated when you have added or subtracted pages of your website (not for simple everyday content changes).

Make the necessary changes to the .txt file that itemizes the list of pages on your website. Delete the "old" sitemap from your File Manager, and upload the new sitemap. Update / republish your website.

It is my understanding that you do NOT need to go back to Google Webmaster Tools and go through the sitemap submission process again, unless you have changed the name of the sitemap .txt file that you've uploaded. (but I'd be very interested in hearing back from our community to see if anyone else has a different understanding... :)

~ Adrienne
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In my case Sitemap would be of very much importance. My site has more that 4-5 Main categories, then each one has sub category and sub-sub categories exist as well...
I m working on almost 60+ pages. So i wont be able to keep the sitemap in text form, i would prefer it in some fancier form to please the eyes.
I wont make a .txt file for the sitemap of my site, i would only submit it to google, i may have some other plans for the sitemap page on the site. What in that case now?
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Can somebody please help me on above question.
I, 'the dumb' is still clueless about this thing :(
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Hi Monica. I think the confusion arises about the sitemap you submit to Google for indexing as opposed to the Site Map you place on your own site. You could create this from scratch using the SynthaSite link editor. You can decide if you want to use text or images links for your sitemap. Am I on the right track . . .?
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Yeah u r on right track. I want a site map for easy navigation for my visitors, and i want one to be submitted to google. So does it mean i will be making 2 sitemaps? One in the synthasite web builder (to add to my site for my visitors) and another for google (in xml format, right?)?
correct me if i have misunderstood :-)
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try this


then put your synthesite website URL in the box (http://" ".synthasite.com/) your address or name in between the commas like this (http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite....)

don't (Change frequency)

leave (Last modification) alone

press (Start)

when its done save or (Download un-compressed XML Sitemap) to your computer then save to your File manager then insert into your index page on the bottom as a file... (leave on you index page... do not delete (leave on your site.)

then go here and type in your synthesite address


don't change the (Search Engine) box and then click (Notify)

Ask.com seems not to be so friendly so you must use the following

Please submit using proper syntax - e.g.

Just copy the url below and paste it into wordpad or word and then remove the space between the h and ttp (the site messes it up and shortens the link)

h ttp://submissions.ask.com/ping?sitemap=http://www.YourWebSite.com/sitemap.xml

as in mine it would be:

Just copy the url below and paste it into wordpad or word and then remove the space between the h and ttp (the site messes it up and shortens the link) use mine for an example

h ttp://submissions.ask.com/ping?sitemap=http://www.honeybearplayhomes.synthas...

with yours in this syntax return to


then put your new Ask.com friendly website URL in the box

change the (Search Engine) box to (Ask.com) and then click (Notify)

you are now going to be crawled by Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, Live and Moreover.com

This may take a few days and is up to their crawler schedule.

This actually works and on all of the above listed engines except Google I am at the top when you search for Honey bear playhomes. I was listed in under 4 days the first time around.

I think you should do it every couple of weeks but no more because if you do then they will think you are smamming them and delete you all together