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We really need a way to get our sites out there! Let's all post our sites!

Well.. here is my site.

How is this site? I have created it myself. I must say that synthasite is an excellent online tool. It makes web design so easy. But now since i am done I need some peoples opinions. I really don't care what you say so just tell all. i am looking to improve my site and i need your real opinions. Please everybody. i need your help here. Thanks a lot. No really... THANK YOU!!!

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  • thankful!

Posted 10 years ago

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ok i really like what you're doing maybe i can bring you more pictures from my website

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I'm going to give my opinions about your site and if I'm offending you, I'm sorry. I know you worked hard on your site. First off, I'm looking at your site using linux OS, so I don't know how it looks on other OS.

I'll start with minor bugs I found:

1) donate.php, I can see the outline of the box and the button. I can't see any texts on the box at all. Although I can click on the link - the button like work fine. I just don't know what it said on the box.

2) login.php, I think you should make "Login to AAHAP" as a link to your login because you have it underline and users may think it's a link. At the bottom of the page, there's a link "need help?" It took me to Help Center which is another subdomain. I think it might confuse users because I was clicking on Home and I expected to go back to aahap main page. Is there a reason why you create need help as another subdomain? You might consider somehow integrate it back to aahap main site.

3) forgot_password.php, you might change your wording choice for "Forgot Both?" or explain what "both" refers to. I'm not sure how you do it since we can not write code at Synthasite. But you have an option for users to write any info (more information), users may not even remember what they wrote. Shouldn't it be a dropdown menu with specific questions like "your favorite pet name?" All of these should be asked when they sign up, so that you can check against it. Just a thought.

Your current site has a good amount of pages and information and my guess is that you will even have more info or stories about pets. So I would like to talk about look and feel next:

1) the current background color is black. I have no problem with black background but when you have a form with has a white background. It's very contrast and hurt my eyes at least. Since you are going to have more pet stories and featured pets, you would want your visitors to stay on your site as long as possible, so color choice is very important. You don't want them to feel tired reading. Play around with text color and the wufoo's design template, see what you can change the template theme.

2) where you have your page heading, like "Pet Stories", right under the menu, you should be consistant with the space between the menu and your page heading. Some has break line some don't.

3) May be you want to consider make your text aligning left or right, instead of center. Then have a picture next to it. You can use "two column" widget to help you with this. This is because you want to capture users not only with images but also with some text. For example, pet stories, you have an image first then the story below. You can have text wrap around an image. Same thing goes to featured pet page.

4) I notice that you have Google Custom Search at the bottom of your pages. It would be better to move it to somewhere under the menu on the right or the left side, at the same location for every page. This way users can right away see they can search on your site. You put on the bottom of the page, users may not get a chance to see it.

This is just my opinions, so you may want to check with other people as well. Once again I'm sorry if I'm offending you. Your site is good, it just need a little touch up.


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how is my site nobody ever commented on mine
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your site is really cool bree. check out my own at www.questforanswers.synthasite.com