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Hi Yola and all Yola Users! If there was a Live Chat on Yola that would be cool and faster. There are lots of services out there for Live Chat. A free and nice one is I use it on my site and it is nice. I have the visitor monitor where you chat with your visitors downloaded on my computer and it is cool, here is a screen shot of the Live Chat monitor:

You can click it to enlarge so you can read the features that I pointed out.

Also on the Live Chat Visitor Monitor, you can have a private chat with another online support operator! Just click on "Operators" and click on the name on the side and then just type your message to them and it will pop up on their screen.

And the best of all, it is free! This is also good for any website on the web! Not just Yola, so if you are looking for a nice free chat, then this is for you!

Here is a screen shot of the visitor's side chat:

It looks nice, doesn't it?! I like the Screenshot feature the best though. All you do is click it, and then drag the place to take the screen shot and send it. This makes it easy so your visitors/customers can take a screen shot of the page they are on. It is a Java application.

You can sign up for Comm100 here: Sign up for Comm100. This service is free and awesome!

If you want to know any more information about this, please do ask!

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Posted 9 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Nathan

Thank you for posting this. Live Chat is an option we have considered in the past, and we are definitely keeping it as an possibility for the future.

This is actually a good opportunity for me to share a little bit of our vision for support and customer service at Yola, what we have done so far, and what we might do in the future. I have been meaning to write a blogpost about this and may still do so, but I might as well share some thoughts on this thread in the meantime.

Our philosophy at Yola is to provide consistently excellent customer service to anyone who contacts us. We think that what people really want in support and customer service is fast, friendly help from a knowledgeable person, regardless of what channel is used for the interaction.

The most cost effective way to provide support is through self-service and a community forum. This is because one person can help many customers at a time. So we put a lot of energy into making sure that there were easily searchable help files on our website that people could go to to get the right answer at any time of the day or night. We also worked very hard on this support community and this is where people like yourself and the other champs have been a tremendous help to us! Self service and community will continue to be our most important modes of providing customer service and support. In addition we have a fantastic team to provide super-fast 24/7 email support. (Even faster if you are a Yola Silver customer!) And if that doesn't work for you there is always Twitter or Facebook.

But then we get to the more expensive options like phone and live chat. The reason these are expensive is that one person can only really help one person at a time effectively. Which means you need to employ a lot more people to help the same number of customers. However, we really want to do what is best for our customers and there are definitely many people who prefer a live interaction to waiting for an email or forum response, even if that response is super-fast. Because we recognize this need we recently rolled out our very own Yola Call Center! This was a massive undertaking and the Call Center has been live for a little over a month, and already the phones are buzzing, especially when the USA wakes up! We made some important decisions with our Call Center, the biggest of which was NOT to outsource it. Many companies go this route, but we decided to keep ours in-house because we believe that the best customer service is delivered when your customer service team are part of the company, fully committed to building the business just like the engineers, designers, marketing team etc. Also, there is so much going on at Yola on a daily basis that we needed our Call Center staff to be right in one of our offices, getting the news in real time so that they can provide the best possible answer to customers when they call. We therefore decided to base the Call Center in our Yola Cape Town office. My desk is really close by and I can go and listen in to calls whenever I like!

But as if this wasn't enough of a challenge we also decided to translate our sitebuilder into 5 new languages! Nathan: I saw you noticed our Spanish community the other day and posted there - thanks for that. As part of having Yola in 5 languages we decided that we also needed to offer support and customer service in those languages. So whether you email Yola in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian or German you will get a reply in your own language, from a knowledgeable support person and not a machine!

Even though this is all very exciting, it leads to a lot of new hires! You might not have seen much of me recently and part of the reason was all the job interviews I was involved in for the last 6 months! We have added 7 translators and 13 call center staff and one English support rep to our support team since September last year! These people all had to be trained, equipped with computers and software and integrated into the existing team. And while all this was going on we had to keep making sure that all our customers still got the help they needed! To make it even more exciting, we also migrated all our support documentation and cases to a completely new software solution (Salesforce) to give us the ability to integrate with a call center and manage documentation in lots of different languages! Fun and busy times in the Yola Support team!

So that is probably a much longer story than what you were expecting in answer to your question: "How about live chat on Yola?" But let me get to the point: We have looked at a number of live chat solutions, some of them free and some of them paid. The better options cost a bit of money and integrate nicely with Salesforce. However, the real cost in live chat is not the software, it is the people to respond to the chats. One rep can generally handle 2-4 chats at a time, so we would need to hire and train quite a few more people. Given the large round of hires we have had to roll out the Call Center and support in 5 new languages, the timing is not the best for us right now. We also anticipate having to hire more Call Center staff and possibly more translators in the coming year.

So in principle we think Live Chat is a great idea. We also realize that if we add this we will have the most complete support offering possible. It is part of our plan, we are just not sure if/when we will do it.

In the meantime we hope that whether you choose to use our tutorials, forum, email, the phone, Facebook or Twitter, you will have a great customer service experience with Yola!

The new Yola Call Center! The purpose of our Call Center is to provide live support for our Yola Silver customers, as well as answer any sales inquiries you may have before or after you buy.